Red puzzle heart with stethoscope on grey wooden background

Is Your Heart Older Than You?

A new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that 75% of American adults have hearts that are chronologically older than the rest of their physiology. “Too many U.S. adults have a heart age years older than their real age, increasing their risk of heart disease and stroke,” said CDC Director Tom…Read More >>

Eight glasses of water

Water – Not Enough Or Too Much of a Good Thing?

Two new studies have turned the medical spotlight on the consumption of water, and specifically how much and when is optimal for your health. In these dog day afternoons of our unusually hot summer, one health message resonates more than any other: Drink plenty of water. To be more specific, a kind of mantra has…Read More >>

Nurse ordering silence

Sleep Deprivation in Hospital Leaves Patients Yearning for Home Sweet Home

The systemic healthcare problem of patient sleep deprivation in hospitals seems counter-intuitive. After all, what do patients have to do but to rest and recover? That, however, is the problem. While statistics are hard to come by, anecdotal information from patients – including healthcare providers who find themselves on the other side of the equation…Read More >>

Can Meditation Have an Age-Delaying Effect?

Since 1970 life expectancy around the world has risen dramatically with people on average living more than 10 years longer. What’s not changed is the slow decline of the brain, a process that begins in the mid-to-late-20s when its volume and weight begin to decrease. As this occurs, the brain can begin to lose some…Read More >>

Is PTSD Linked to Genetics?

Decades after they fought in the Vietnam War, a new study published in JAMA Psychiatry medical journal indicates that U.S. combatants in the conflict – all told, some 270,000 Vietnam vets – continue to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, with one-third of those having a current, major depressive disorder. Some of the veterans…Read More >>

New Screening Tests for Prostate Cancer

Several new studies conducted separately by some of the most prestigious universities in the country are paving a new way to screen for prostate cancer. While previously the emphasis was on a standardized one-size-fits-all test, today research points to the effectiveness of different test – for example, men with a family history of prostate cancer…Read More >>

Old style alarm clocks and pills, on dark background

The Truth About Over-the-Counter Sleep Aids

Many Americans suffer from insomnia and commonly turn to prescription medications and over-the-counter sleeping aids for relief. About one in four Americans report taking some type of medication every year to help them sleep. If you find yourself struggling after a few restless nights of sleep — perhaps trouble falling asleep, repeated awakenings, or waking…Read More >>

Does Coffee Really Decrease Heart Attack Risk?

Good news for people who drink coffee every day: Consuming a moderate amount of coffee could lower the risk of clogged arteries that can lead to a heart attack, a new study finds. It was once thought that drinking coffee could make you more prone to heart attacks, but a growing body of evidence suggests…Read More >>

Sun Protection and Skin Care

3d image Hepatitis medical concept word cloud background

ABC’s of Chronic Hepatitis

Chronic Hepatitis C affects more than three million people in the United States, most of whom are Baby Boomers (those born between 1945 and 1965). That may shock a lot of people because the disease is often thought of as the exclusive purview of active drug addicts and therefore, presumably younger people. And while it’s…Read More >>

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