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  • Get More Information on Coronavirus (CDC)
  • Executive Level Physicals
  • Comprehensive Genetic Counseling
  • 24/7 Availability  via  Dedicated Phone or Email
  • Recommendations and/or Referrals to Specialists
  • Digestive Health, Vitamins & Dietary Supplements Counseling


  • Same or Next Business Day Appointments
  • Enhanced Appointment Scheduling Options
  • On Time Appointments That Do Away With Rushed Visits
  • Office Visits for Visiting Friends & Family
  • Advanced Lipid Testing & Cardiovascular Risk Analysis

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As one of a few hundred, rather than one of a few thousand patients, members enjoy more time with and enhanced availability and service from their personalized physician.

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Frank B.

Since Dr. Mark Carlson became my Doctor (as I like to say My Personal Physician), I have become very convinced that concierge medicine is best for me. I do seem to have more medical problems than the average bear, but seem to be healthier than I was. Read More

Matt C.

In 2014 I decided to try the new concierge service that Dr. Mark Carlson had recently started. My current doctor at the time, couldn’t seem to get my blood pressure under control and it didn’t seem like he was trying to hard to either. He only wanted to see me about once a year unless I called in for an additional appointment. Read More

Doug W.

I have been a concierge patient of Dr. Mark Carlson for over 3 years. Although I am in pretty good health, I have a few problems that Dr. Carlson has helped me manage very well. Last year when I developed avascular necrosis of my hip he referred me to a wonderful surgeon that replaced my hip with great expertise. Read More

Carole S.

Dr. Mark Carlson is the only family doctor I’ve had since moving back to Sioux City 26 years ago. No matter what problems I’ve had he has solved them or referred me to a specialist for new knees, shoulders, etc. Read More

Your Health Is Personal

You're not a commodity, so why accept assembly-line healthcare? Dr. Carlson's practice is personalized to fit your unique needs and busy schedule. From crafting a personalized healthcare plan with you to accommodating last-minute appointments, your well being is our priority.

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