FAQs for Physicians

You’ve worked long and hard to build your medical practice. You have too much at stake to undertake the conversion to concierge practice on your own.

CEO Matthew Jacobson and the SignatureMD team have spent years optimizing a concierge medicine business model that minimizes your risks and increases your chance for success. The SignatureMD program reduces the stress of your conversion process.

Our team includes experts in marketing, sales, regulatory analysis, and management. We not only help you establish your concierge medical practice, but also support your business for the life of your SignatureMD affiliation.

The success of your medical practice depends on a dedicated staff. To ensure a seamless transition, you retain your staff and we train and assist them in delivering the highest level of personalized attention and service.

During the conversion process, our Patient Advocate will work from your office and train your staff. Patient Advocates are available to help you and your staff for the life of your SignatureMD concierge practice.

While some SignatureMD-affiliated doctors have converted exclusively to a concierge practice of 300–600 program members, most choose to hire another doctor or physician extender to manage the care of non-member patients.

This enables them to maximize revenue while devoting the lion’s share of their attention to their 300–600 program members. This minimizes financial risk, maximizes financial reward, and reassures patients who may have concerns about the conversion.

SignatureMD members come from all walks of life, but they share two key characteristics: they value their health, and they trust, respect, and value their physician.

The membership fee typically ranges from $1,500 to $2,000 annually. In exchange, members receive personalized, unhurried service, same-day or next-business-day appointments, 24/7 availability, and other exclusive amenities.

Because the SignatureMD concierge medical program requires financial commitment, your practice will attract members who are committed to good health and view you as a trusted advisor and partner. This makes the doctor-patient relationship more satisfying.

A SignatureMD Concierge Medicine Program may be a good fit if you are looking for a new style of practice and agree with the following statements:

  • I want a less hectic schedule
  • I want to be rewarded financially and emotionally for my hard work
  • I want to provide thoughtful, attentive service to my patients.
  • I want to focus on practicing medicine, not running a business
  • I want to secure my financial well-being
  • I want to remain independent and practice my way.

Request our 20-minute webinar to learn how a SignatureMD Concierge Medicine Program can revolutionize your practice and your life. Because we value your time, you will receive a $100 gift card for participating in the webinar.

We are looking for a select group of physicians. Only one of every eight physicians interviewed is invited to join our team.

SignatureMD-affiliated physicians:

  • Have earned top degrees and are professionally accomplished.
  • Have long-standing relationships with patients.
  • Have practiced medicine for ten years or more.
  • Treat 20 or more patients a day.
  • Understand that health care goes beyond simply treating symptoms.
  • Demonstrate honesty and high ethical standards.
  • Communicate well with patients.
  • Go above and beyond to help patients.

Physicians who fit these criteria may be good candidates for a SignatureMD Concierge Medicine Program.

Ready to Learn More? The SignatureMD webinar reveals how concierge medicine can • enhance annual revenue • improve service to patients • help you love practicing medicine again. We value your time. Receive a $100 gift card for participating in the 20-minute webinar.

SignatureMD affiliates report that they:

  • Have time to practice to the best of their abilities with each and every patient.
  • See 8-15 patients per day, rather than 30+ patients.
  • Maintain reasonable work hours and do less paperwork.
  • Leave the office with the energy to enjoy family and leisure.

SignatureMD-affiliated physicians provide members with unhurried, thoughtful service. This service involves:

  • Developing a customized wellness plan for each member.
  • Providing members with same-day or next-business-day appointments.
  • Ensuring members receive on-time appointments.
  • Responding to phone calls and emails promptly.
  • Spending as much time as necessary with each member.
  • Answering member questions thoroughly.
  • Clearly explaining relevant treatment options.
  • Staying abreast of the latest medical advances and treatments.
  • Performing after-hour calls or house calls, as required.

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  • My patients say, “If I had known it would be this good, I would have helped you set up this practice years ago!”
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  • I’m finishing my fourth year with SignatureMD. Everybody’s happy. My staff is happy. All of my patients are happy. I’m happy.
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  • With concierge medicine, you get to practice medicine the way it was meant to be practiced.
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  • Everything that’s frustrating about traditonal medicine ceases to exist.
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    SignatureMD Physician | Dr. Christina Skale, MD
  • This is the way medicine should be practiced. It’s a better lifestyle day-to-day.
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    SignatureMD Physician | Dr. Bill Benedict, MD
  • I did not enter concierge medicine for the money. I did it to save my soul as a physician. I wanted to bring back some joy in my practice. That is exactly what SignatureMD has given me.
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