St. Louis Doctor Recognized for Fundraising Efforts

St. Louis Doctor Recognized for Fundraising Efforts

SignatureMD affiliated physician, Dr. Kenneth Rybicki, has been recognized for his fundraising efforts by Siteman Cancer Center, located in St. Louis Missouri. Siteman Cancer Center is an international leader in cancer treatment and research.

Furthering the advancement of cancer treatment is a cause close to Dr. Rybicki’s heart. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2002, a cancer that is often fatal. Today the American Cancer Society puts the 5-year survival rate for Stage 1 pancreatic cancer at only 14%. In 2002 when Dr. Rybicki was diagnosed, he was given a survival rate of around 1%. He prepared his will and underwent treatment at Siteman Cancer Center.

Dr. Rybicki underwent the whipple procedure, an operation that removes the head of the pancreas where most pancreatic tumors occur. He also received chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. Dr. Rybicki overcame the statistics to become a pancreatic cancer survivor. He supplemented his recovery with a strict exercise and nutrition regime, even developing his own multi-vitamin to help rebuild his strength and improve his health.

Today Dr. Rybicki runs marathons to fundraise for the cancer center that helped save his life. This year he organized and captained a team of 16 people to run the St. Louis half marathon, raising thousands of dollars for Siteman Cancer Center. The half marathon was organized through the Go! St. Louis – for a cause program, a charity that provides an opportunity for participants to accomplish fundraising goals through its annual ‘GO! St. Louis Marathon & Family Fitness Weekend’.

Dr. Rybicki has changed his life completely since his pancreatic cancer diagnosis. He focuses on eating healthily and exercising regularly. He just completed the 2013 New York City Marathon in 4 hours 38 minutes! Dr. Rybicki was recently featured on a Fox St. Louis news segment, (video included above) where he shared his remarkable survival story.

Today new advancements in pancreatic cancer treatment bring hope that survival rates for this disease will improve. A recent study, focusing on a new drug combination, found that survival rates significantly improved when adding the drug Abraxane to a standard chemotherapy treatment.

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