The VA Launches New Campaign Targeting Health Care

Concierge Medicine For Military Vets

Our veterans deserve the best that we can give them, especially when it comes to their health and well being. Concierge medicine knows this, which is why many concierge doctors pay special attention to a returning vets mental state along with their physical health. Coming home is one thing, but taking advantage of the health care services out there is quite another. Military vets are in a different mindset about these things, and because of that the Department of Veterans Affairs has launched a new campaign directed at getting them to be proactive about their health.

According to the Washington Post, the Department of Veterans Affairs unveiled a multimillion advertisement campaign Monday designed to encourage more military veterans to enroll for government benefits and services.

Only about 8 million of the nation’s 23 million veterans use VA benefits and health-care services, and the department hopes new TV and Internet advertisements and other outreach efforts will persuade more vets to sign up, the agency said.

Military vets have a rich history of doing everything in their power to seem invincible and stronger than the average American. While this is their strength at war, this is their weakness when back at home. Concierge doctors who specialize in military care know the downfalls of trying to remain strong while both physical and emotional ailments are present.

In the new advertisements, Marine Staff Sgt. Robert Kugler says “”Now that you’ve completed your service, you’ve got lots of opportunities for your future. But health comes first. Sign up for health care at your nearest VA.”

It’s a ‘big brother’ approach that the Department of Veterans Affairs hopes will catch on with returning vets.

“I think there could be somewhat of a stigma as far as maybe thinking that they wouldn’t get the benefits or they don’t want to be portrayed as weak,” said an actor in the advertisements to The Washington Post.