Concierge Care for Women. Better Treatment, Better Results

Concierge Care for Women. Better Treatment, Better Results

The trend towards personalized medicine and converted practices to a concierge model is a plus for women who wish to improve their medical options. There are fewer centers devoted to women’s unique health care requirements, and the need for quality treatment centers is growing.

Carefully selected, SignatureMD doctors are simply the best medics in every market, and they work directly with others including skilled surgeons who devote a significant part of their practice to women’s health issues.

SignatureMD doctors offer 24/7 access, privacy, comfort, and counsel at a time when patients are overwhelmed when an abnormal test result is presented to them.

Concierge care centers can offer comprehensive state-of-the-art services in the areas of screening and prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast, uterine, cervical and ovarian cancers, and supportive psychological therapy too.

When there is a diagnosis of an irregularity in the breast after a routine mammogram, it can be a confusing, frightening experience. SignatureMD physicians can help make this journey to wellness one far less stressful.

Normally, when a mammogram has an abnormal read and a possible malignancy is found, the patient must wait to see a surgeon, and then await surgery, with a biopsy, lumpectomy and possible mastectomy. Then in the worst case, there is the wait for a plastic surgeon to perform immediate reconstruction of the breast. With concierge care, a more streamlined approach to handling this step-by-step ordeal can ease a patient’s mind.

SignatureMD physicians use state of the art diagnostic tools like digital mammography, PET/CT scans, breast ultrasound, breast MRI to stereotactic breast biopsy for patients whose mammograms are indeterminate. Even genetic testing is available for select high-risk patients in a concierge medicine practice.

The time between a reading and the biopsy/lumpectomy is shortened, alleviating the stress of waiting.

With the alarming statistics that reveal over 26% of women are obese, doctors are more concerned than ever for testing for diseases like cancer, Diabetes and heart disease. SignatureMD doctors employ unique tests designed for a woman’s physiology.

Woman’ health screening by a Concierge Doctor is an initial step and an investment to ensuring a vital and longer life.

The model of conversion provided by SignatureMD is a wise step for a doctor to preserve and build his/her practice and grow and prosper while improving the quality of patient interactions.

Concierge care is not only a wise investment for families, but a step in the right direction for physicians looking to improve their day-to-day efforts keeping their patients on the path to wellness.