SignatureMD Minutes: Leap Of Faith…The Liberation Of Time

The leap of faith that marks the transition for physicians into the concierge model of primary care medicine has one outstanding characteristic: the Liberation of TIME! Time to spend with your patients and provide them with the best preventative and wellness medicine that you have ever been able to accomplish throughout your career as a doctor, and the great benefit of time spent with family and personal time to pursue your passions outside medicine that both define and restore your individuality and your well-being as a compassionate doctor and person. The end result is pure and simple: service and satisfaction for both you and your patients. And that is the primary reason why you should consider the Concierge Model in the first place.

As I begin my third year with SignatureMD as one of their concierge doctors, I am gratified that I have regained control of my profession, become part of a movement that will change the medical landscape for the better, and had the opportunity to serve my patients at a level that promotes excellence in medicine, countering an out of control system of overworked, underpaid, and unhappy doctors who are leaving primary care and medicine entirely in record numbers.

Don’t be one of those doctors. Let the system evolve around us, around the concierge model. It can only get better for you, your patients, and the nation if you regain control of your life.