Michael Douglas Fights Throat Cancer With Chemo

Michael Douglas Fights Throat Cancer With Chemo

Michael Douglas Takes On New Role vs Throat Tumor

There are many moments throughout your life when you will sit back and think, “why didn’t I do that when I had the chance.” When you’re worried about the onset of cancer, wondering if your primary care physician caught it in time, the idea of concierge medicine sounds pretty good. As Michael Douglas releases news about his throat tumor and the treatment he’s going to have to endure, we should all take a moment to revaluate our health care situations.

While the tumor in Michael Douglas’ throat has not been classified as malignant or benign, it’s a safe bet to assume he’s not going through radiation and chemotherapy for a benign lump in his throat. Fortunately for Michael Douglas, his physicians noticed the tumor in time and he is expected to make a full recovery. Unfortunately, physicians are making their own speculations about the cause of the tumor, saying that the likely cause is Douglas’ smoking and drinking habits.

Michael Douglas will undergo 8 weeks of radiation and chemo, and it expected to give up smoking and drinking. While he’s “very optimistic” about the diagnosis and treatment, throat cancer can lead to many other complications such as airway obstruction, difficulty swallowing, loss of voice and speaking ability, and worst of all the threat of that cancer spreading to the rest of the body.

If you are a male in your 50’s and have noticed a small lump as you shave (the most common way that men see first signs of throat tumors), contact your concierge physician immediately. Your concierge doctor will perform a laryngoscopy, which is examination by use of a tube with a small lighted camera which allows the concierge doctor to look into the mouth and down the throat to see the tumor, according to Google Health.

Above all, if your concierge doctor catches the tumor early, as in the case of Michael Douglas, throat cancer can be cured in 90% of patients. Fortunately for patients of concierge medicine, these are the conditions that can be instantly diagnosed with a yearly executive physical.