Your Voice Can Be Credible

If haven’t read the blog,, of pediatric gastroenterologist Bryan Vartabedian, MD, of Texas Children’s Hospital/Baylor College of Medicine, you probably should. This acknowledged social media guru among doctors believes that if you think change is coming in many facets of healthcare, you’re behind the curve. In a memorable post last fall, he encouraged physicians to embrace social media and do it now. He wrote, characteristically, without mincing words:

“When you’re shouting from the crowd it’s easy to talk smack. Come up to the podium, clear your throat and say something intelligent. You’re a physician, not a hooligan.” (Ahem!) “Go and be real so that your voice can be credible.”

He’s traveling the same philosophical road that we do at SignatureMD, the logical choice for the concierge medicine model. Come up to the podium and take full responsibility for your career, the one about which you’re passionate, to which you devoted significant financial, intellectual and emotional resources—and time. Now you probably wonder: “Is that all there is?”


As environmental imperatives drive primary care physicians to change their practice models and to search for alternatives, SignatureMD’s preferred option of personalized medicine just makes sense. Join us. Then go and be real.