Medical Apps for Concierge Physicians – RIM Playbook

New Playbook Has Concierge Physicians Excited

Concierge medicine is always one step ahead of the game in terms of preventative medicine, treatment options, and technology, so it’s no wonder concierge doctors have taken to the iPad like a moth to the flame. With all of the health and medical apps on the iPad, concierge doctors can be even more efficient in the ways they treat and share information with their patients. With the recent announcement of the RIM Playbook, some in the world of concierge medicine are wondering if there’s new competition for the iPad.

Research in Motion, the creators of the Blackberry, are releasing their own version of the iPad; a 7-inch Blackberry tablet that functions in much the same way as its counterpart. The RIM Playbook will come with its own set of preloaded apps, run much like the original Blackberry phone, and allow users to download any app from the Blackberry App Store, including all of the health care and medical apps you could ever want.

While Blackberry still doesn’t have the multitude of health care and medical apps that the iPad and Apple does, there are still plenty of options for those concierge doctors who prefer this RIM Playbook over the iPad.

Playbook Medical Apps

  • Sparkle Health Manager for Blackberry According to the description on the app, Sparkle Health Manager is a Comprehensive Health and Medical Management Software. Sparkle Health Manager Contains 21 Modules, which includes Health Calculator(Metric & Imperial), BP Tracker, Weight, Cholesterol and Glucose Tracker. Also Keeps track of Insurance and Legal Details, Appointments, Medications and Vaccinations, Allergies, Surgeries, Illness, Health Checks and Family History. Extensive tools for tracking Contacts, Physicians and Pharmacies. A Complete Health Care Utility. 
  • MedicineNet’s Pocket Guide to Medications for Blackberry According to the description, the MedicineNet’s Pocket Guide to Common Medications dictionary for RIM’s BlackBerry, gives quick and convenient access to important information on common medications to mobile users.
  • QxMD ECG Guide According to Blackberry App World description, “The ECG Guide app offers ECG interpretation from a Cardiology perspective, with over 120 high resolution ECG examples and a quiz feature.” (Note: QxMD also offers a variety of free, medical-related software, like a pregnancy wheel, cardio calculator and a gastroenterology tool.) 
  • Skyscape Medical Resources According to BB App World, “[A] highly useful collection of free Medical Information and Decision Support resources for Healthcare Professionals, including Physicians, Nurses, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Medical Students, Nursing Students and More.

And one of our personal favorites:

  • mVisum According to BB App World, “The mVisum Medical Communication System is a communication tool that allows medical professionals to securely receive, review and respond to patient data recorded at the point of care. Information is transmitted via secure HIPAA compliant internet servers then transmitted through mobile technology to the required physicians’ handheld smartphone.”
    • Sent data can include EKGs; DICOM Images; Cine Loops; X-Rays; CT Scans; and MRIs, according to mVisum. And “traditional information such as vital signs and other textual information can also be included in the delivered message thus providing a complete picture of patient condition.”