World Health Day

World Health Day

Today is World Health Day, a once a year occurrence deemed by the World Health Organization (WHO). The annual happening helps bring awareness to specific health-related issues. This year’s theme is the growing concern of antibiotic resistance.

According to EU Commissioners John Dalli and Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, the misuse and overuse of antibiotics is a problem seen round the world, causing a rise in resistant organisms and infections.  These infections are causing “unnecessary deaths and suffering and generating avoidable healthcare costs,” they said.  The EU’s goal is to “work on prevention and control, aiming, among other things, to identify new resistant organisms.”

In thinking about your life, do you often take antibiotics when you don’t necessarily have to? As a physician, have you found that patients ask for prescriptions before you’ve even diagnosed them? As empowered individuals, how can we be more aware of this issue and control it in our daily lives?

At SignatureMD, we’re highly focused on preventive, rather than reactive, medicine. Our doctors work tirelessly to understand each patient’s needs and wellness objectives to keep them on track to live full and long lives.

To learn more about World Health Day and this year’s focus visit World Health Organization’s website.