Bodies of Evidence: Anatomy on the Web

The traveling cadaver exhibits bear explicit names such as “Bodies” or “Body Worlds,” allowing detailed “insider” looks at human anatomy thanks to innovative preservation processes. Now the 3D models of Visible Body or Healthline’s BodyMaps bring interactive visual search tools to our computer, allowing us to see the body’s layers, systems and organs without leaving our offices. These remarkable resources are attention-getting educational tools for both medical professionals and their ever-inquisitive patients.

A Clearer Picture with Concierge Medicine

Both 3D websites also speak volumes about changes occurring in medicine and healthcare. Nothing stays the same—neither methods of studying the human body nor the industry that treats it. For many physicians, traditional means of healthcare delivery are proving frustrating and tiring, leaving the door wide open for concierge medicine and the many benefits this model offers the profession and its often impatient patient population. A 3D view into a traditional practice with 2,500 – 3,000 patients, average eight minute-appointments and decreasing reimbursements is not a pretty picture. Making the switch to personalized medicine with SignatureMD may provide just the body of evidence a physician requires to once again find meaning and clarity in his or her noble professional of healthcare.