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My experience as a member of Dr. Duffy’s personalized care program has been extremely valuable. Since joining, i’ve been able to meet with my doctor in a very relaxed setting. We have spent more time in our meetings than ever before and I find his office very quiet and relaxing. Dr. Duffy has been my internist for about 25 years. I value his opinion and his manner as he is direct and extremely caring. He was also my mother’s doctor and went out of his way to help her as she had many health problems. I respect him and always will.

– Maxine

Dr. Michael Duffy’s attention to detail, examination of data and facts and his ability to listen carefully to the patient, combine to provide superior healthcare. Further, his continued education and willingness to research the latest technologies and results of other practitioners, provides ‘state of the art’ medical care. Dr Duffy knows when and how to refer to other healthcare professionals when necessary and is always willing to follow up to ensure full and competent care. One of the most professional and caring physicians on the planet.

– Anthony

SignatureMD has provided me with the opportunity to get a truly personalised experience with my Doctor. My last physical with Dr. Duffy offered me his direct attention (without phone interruptions) for over an hour. My office appointments are made promptly and I have never had to wait to see him for more than 5-10 minutes. If I email him with a question or concern it is always promptly answered. Orchids to Dr. Duffy.

– Norman

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