Carlos E. Picone, MD

Internal Medicine

Learn what concierge patient care is all about from those who’ve experienced it firsthand. Dr. Picone’s patients explain, in their own words, what it’s like to have a doctor who’s always there for them. You’ll see how Dr. Picone goes above and beyond to make a significant difference in the lives of the patients he treats.

Very detailed. Always available. Great explanations
Careful, attentive, thoughtful. Willing to have a conversation about long term health and options. Would definitely recommend.
Dr Picone provides extraordinary care. He listens, answers questions, takes time to assure you understand and provides thoughtful follow through. He is accessible and responsive, even while on vacation. The office staff are efficient, pleasant and helpful. I highly recommend this practice.
The greatest smart doctor, kind, solid and knowledgeable.
I love Dr. Picone - he is a wonderful Doctor who has been very responsive to our needs ( both my husband and I are patients). He has been accessible to us both throughout this pandemic and prior to the pandemic. Dr. Picone is very professional but, warm and caring to his patients.
I use Dr. Picone as my Primary Doctor. He has experience working in Emergency Rooms where he sees al types of illness and injury. It is seldom that he sees something new. He know how to give immediate treatment and to which specialist to refer you to if necessary. He is extremely intelligent and has a great since of humor. Good man.
I joined this practice in February 2020. Three days after I signed up and before I even had my standard physical, I had a balance problem in Florida. When I called the emergency phone number for the practice and described the problem, Dr. Picone arranged for an office visit, a CT scan and an MRI, anticipating that I might have had a brain tumor. Because of Dr. Picone’s swift action I had brain surgery at Johns Hopkins within 2 weeks of the incident. This was before I had even met Dr. Picone for a regular visit. Since then, Dr. Picone has been accessible and on top of all my medical needs. I can’t recommend Dr. Picone and his practice enough. Great doctor and great interpersonal skills.
Dr. Picone is personable, effective, high energy, and accommodating. In my experience, he bases his consultation with patients on carefully listening to patient's explanation of symptoms, and then backs up his conclusions with scientific data and other medical facts. He keeps patients informed with regularly published newsletters, particularly on urgent subjects, such as COVID 19. He is responsive to calls and emails always providing a way to get help as soon as possible. Gratefully, he found a critical issue where 8 others missed it, something that in effect saved my life. A grateful patient, I am!
Dr. Picone was able to see me immediately at his Sibley office when I was having some chest pain. His office has the newest equipment and he was able to do a chest x-ray and a cardiogram and determined that I had suffered a minor injury during exercise. His calm demeanor was reassuring as was how complete and quick the checkup was that he performed. He has been my doctor for years and I recommend him highly.
Dr. Picone is caring, sensitive and responsive. He is accessible and always responds to my email inquiries promptly.
Dr. Picone's wise, compassionate care is never more valuable than as we confront these times of confusing, troubling health issues. We consider ourselves fortunate to have him looking out for us.
Dr. Picone and his staff offer top-notch services. He is always aware of all needs, pays attention to details and will always have the best referrals for specialists when needed. One could not be in better hands.