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Enhanced Member Services

Enhanced Member Services

Dr. John D. Williams offers a limited number of memberships to his personalized care program. By doing so, Dr. John D. Williams ensures that each member receives his undivided attention and care.

Members Receive

Enhanced Appointments and Scheduling

Members receive same or next business day appointments for non-emergency issues (same or next business day appointments for critical matters are covered by most insurance programs).

In addition to expedited appointment scheduling, program members are guaranteed to receive on-time appointments. Furthermore, Dr. John D. Williams will allocate the time necessary to ensure that all of your concerns are addressed and that you walk out of the appointment feeling un-rushed and satisfied.

Personal Care Service Representative

Dr. John D. Williams’ dedicated personalized care services representative is available to assist program members and coordinate the administrative aspects of Dr. John D. Williams’ personalized care practice.

Dr. John D. Williams or his designated physician will be available promptly to personally communicate with you as a program member by telephone or email—even for non-emergency issues.  The response time and the method of communication will be appropriate to the purpose of the communications.  

Office Visits for Visiting Friends & Family

Dr. John D. Williams will be available to care for his program members visiting friends and family should they need to see a physician while in the area.

Personalize Your Healthcare

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