Robert Saltman, MD

Internal Medicine

Learn what concierge patient care is all about from those who’ve experienced it firsthand. Dr. Saltman’s patients explain, in their own words, what it’s like to have a doctor who’s always there for them. You’ll see how Dr. Saltman goes above and beyond to make a significant difference in the lives of the patients he treats.

Dr. Saltman is an outstanding physician. He will take whatever amount of time is necessary to answer all your questions and is very responsive when you need a referral or a prescription refilled. His office staff are excellent. I have recommended him to friends who are looking for a new primary care physician or endocrinologist.
While I’m generally fairly healthy, I do have some chronic medical problems, so the SignatureMD fee more than pays for itself. Dr. Saltman is a superb internist with a warm and practical approach to his patients. Unfortunately for him, I’m also a doctor, so I particularly value his willingness to tell me me that I have to shut up and go into “patient mode”.
I have been a patient of Dr. Saltman's for some 20-25 years. He is wonderful and so is his staff. He was recommended to me by another doctor (OB-GYN) and I never regretted it. I don't want him to ever retire, at least until I am gone. Still feeling the same way about this wonderful doctor, so that is what I have to say this time - again.
I have found Dr. Saltman to be very caring, attentive and really knows his patients. He has shown excellent decision making when medical problems have ocurred. He takes his time to explain everything and to make sure we understand. We are lucky to have him as our doctor.
I'm 80 years old, and I've had the privilege of having Dr. Saltman as my physician for three decades. He's brilliant, warm and always accessible. He's kept me healthy and feeling good, and I can't say enough about my experience to do him justice. I am not sure what I'd do if I didn't have Dr. Saltman to keep tabs on my health and wellbeing. No one is comparable.
Professional, thorough, pays close attention to the science of all conditions related to me and my health. His standard practice is a full physical exam with 2 follow ups each year. Thus I am in his office 3 times each year. He answers my emails within a few hours by calling me directly. I could not be more pleased and more attended to.
Dr. Robert Saltman is nothing short of a genius. He’s the finest doctor/endocrinologist I have ever known. He’s so good that even after I moved five hours away from his practice i still keep him as my physician. Highest recommendation.
Dr. Saltman is all that we could ask for in a personal physician. He's proactive, extremely knowledgable, very personable, explains things in easy-to-understand terms, totally accessible, and just plain plesant to be around.
I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Saltman for my healthcare. He is always available when needed and has been the most proactive doctor I have ever had.
We could not be happier with Robert Saltman, MD! When a person chooses a physician they get more than a physician, they get his staff. Our entire experience is more than interacting with such an esteemed physician. Every person on his staff are warm and provide prompt attention to anything we need. We actually look forward to our appointments!
Dr. Saltman is a wonderful , caring and through Dr. I highly recommend Dr. Saltman and his amazing staff!
Dr. Saltman brings a very personalized touch to his patients. I believe I receive the best health care of my life with Dr. Saltman and his team. We have been patients for about 5 years now. I wish I had become a patient decades earlier.