Frank G. Ditz, MD

Family Medicine

Learn what concierge patient care is all about from those who’ve experienced it firsthand. Dr. Ditz’s patients explain, in their own words, what it’s like to have a doctor who’s always there for them. You’ll see how Dr. Ditz goes above and beyond to make a significant difference in the lives of the patients he treats.

Beautiful new office and a great staff! I appreciated how thorough Dr. Ditz was, he listened patiently and addressed all of my concerns. 100% recommend!
What a great office. I use to go to Suntree Internal medicine a few years ago and got tired of being rushed and nobody really listening to me. I switched to Dr. Ditz and have not regretted it at all. They did have a switch of some staff but to me, I think the change made the office better. There use to be this tall, rude & loud person there, Dawn. She was always very curt & borderline rude on the phone but she was ok in person. After she left at the beginning of the year, the new office staff and nurses have been awesome. They will see me on the same day I call if I'm sick and very little wait time even if they are working me in. Thanks ladies and gentlemen for taking care of me and my family.
Dr Gilbert has been my doctor for over 2 years. His nurse is a very sweet little girl & always makes me laugh when I am there even if I'm sick. love their new building, it is absolutely beautiful. I have never had a long wait to be seen and he listens to my concerns. I have seen Dr. Ditz a couple of times even though i choose not sign up for the concierge program. I 'm glad I changed to this office instead of the place across the street that treats you like you don't matter & is always rushing you in and out the door.
Beautiful office, nice staff, short wait time and seen by doctor or pa. She answered my questions, got me set-up with medicine and explained it. Didn't have to waste my day sitting and waiting, I would definitely recommend
What an amazing staff and medical care. I needed a new MD and I was nervous but was greeted and well taken care of! I recommend Dr Ditz and I have been there many times without any waiting. They are all nice and efficient. (Paul Taylor)
I love how Dr.Ditz sits down with you and dicuss your medical problems. He actually cares and listen to your problems without judgment. He goes out his way to get you the best treatment possible. I'm glad I discovered Dr. Ditz. I highly recommend this doctor. Also, his staff is amazing, very kind and understanding.
Beautiful new office! The office has expanded and offers so many more services than before when they were in that small, dirty office in Rockledge!! They have 2 female providers now and 2 male providers so this is a great choice for me and my family. Dr. Ditz has always been wonderful to me but now he has this great new office, a really nice staff and he just told me that he is opening his Medical Spa on the 2nd floor! My girlfriends and I can't wait for some pampering and wine !!!!!!
Dr. Ditz is an Outstanding Primary Care Physician with a passion for keeping his patients well. I trust him with my life and refer my friends and family to his practice constantly. His office staff is kind and patient and his Nurse Practitioner is the BEST! I came to him after 6 yrs. of poor medical care. What he has accomplished in less than three months is nothing short of a miracle. I am well on my way to getting my health and energy back because I listen and follow his advice. Looking forward to continuing to feel better each day and am THANKFUL to Dr. Ditz for his compassion and incredible desire to help every patient.
Dr. Ditz and his staff are amazing. I needed to be seen and was made an appointment in a reasonable amount of time. Dr. Ditz took his time and listened to my concerns. I have had severe medical problems for years with no relief and not knowing what was wrong. He ordered some test and knew what was wrong. Dr. Ditz is very smart and caring. His staff was wonderful and helped me feel welcome. I am so glad to have found Dr. Ditz and now have him as my doctor. I am on the road to a better life with the help of Dr. Ditz and his staff.
I came in as a new patient and met the doctor. He seems like a genuine guy and explained a lot of stuff to me. His nurses were really nice and made me laugh so I wouldn't be so nervous. He told me to have some test done so he can get a better idea of what is going with my body. I am glad my insurance recommended Dr. Ditz.
They listen they Did what more could you ask for very friendly
The entire practice is wonderful and amazing. They spend time with you and care.