Robert M. Davidson, MD

Cardiology & Internal Medicne
Los Angeles, CA 310 855-1971



Service and attention to detail is job #1…This office is awesome.


There are not enough words available to praise Dr. Davidson. His diagnostic skills are state of the art and his treatment is the best available. Dr. Davidson is one of the most personable and caring physicians my husband and I have ever been blessed to have. We can’t thank him enough.


Dr. Davidson and his staff have been wonderful to me. He is thorough, thoughtful, and very good about follow-up. I couldn’t be happier with my doctor!


Dr. Davidson took care of my dad when all other cardiologists had given up. He was beyond kind, caring and comforting. Dr. Davidson brought him back to life and then brought in specialists who did life saving procedures and allowed my dad to continue with a very active full life! (more…)