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Brittany Burns, MD

Family Care

She has authored more than 100 papers, book chapters and books in medical science and speaks nationally and internationally on new advances in diabetes. She is an advisor and reviewer for several medical journals. Over his 40 years of practice, she has served more than 20,000 patients with diabetes. She is an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of California, San Francisco, Natividad medical Center, and medical director of the Diabetes Care Center in Salinas, CA.

In October 1998, Allen King co-founded the Diabetes Care Center which focuses on the treatment, education and support of people with diabetes. The Center’s philosophy is to empower the patient who has diabetes with knowledge and education that lets the patient control their health, life, and future. The Center has pioneered understanding and simplification of insulin dosing for providers and evaluated new medications’ benefits and side effects that were not addressed by the manufacturers.

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Brittany Burns, MD

Doctor of Family Care
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