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Below is a partial list of insurance providers that Dr. Walters is currently contracted with as an in-network participant. Though Dr. Walters is contracted with these companies and most all PPO insurance plans. Patients should please call their respective insurance member services line to verify in-network participation. Should you have any questions, please feel free to call the office at (408) 253-4806.

Dr . Walters accepts (almost) all PPO insurance plans:

Patients should always double check with their insurance that we are a covered provider just to be safe.

If a PPO patient needs a referral to a specialist, we just need to give them the name and number of the MD referred. (Rarely specific paperwork is required by the location the patient is being referred, but not often.)

Dr. Walters only except four (4) types of HMO insurance:

  • San Jose Medical Group (SJMG)
  • Santa Clara County IPA (SCCIPA)
  • Daughters of Charity (DCHS)

If a patient has an HMO, Dr. Walters’ name must be on the card before we can see the patient for an appointment:

If a patient with no HMO needs a referral to a specialist we have to submit a referral through their insurance for them to approve first, as patients can only see a specialist within their specific HMO network.   

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