Joseph T. Barry, MD

Internal Medicine

Learn what concierge patient care is all about from those who’ve experienced it firsthand. Dr. Barry’s patients explain, in their own words, what it’s like to have a doctor who’s always there for them. You’ll see how Dr. Barry goes above and beyond to make a significant difference in the lives of the patients he treats.

I will not comment on Mr. Spelman's review, as I do not know him, nor do I know of his situation, but I was paid NOTHING for this review, which Dr. Barry did not solicit. For me, Dr. Barry has been nothing but kind, caring, thorough, patient, and VERY competent. At first I wondered about the $150/month, but Dr. Barry will see you early or late, and even make house calls, unheard of in 30 years. He provides his cell phone number. He made call after call to me when he was on vacation outside the country just to see how I was. The list of extra, helpful services they provide boggles the mind. I am borderline poor, but when the time comes, I will sign up for another year. I recommend Dr. Barry without reservation.
Great visit, always a warm and welcoming place.
As usual my recent (& all previous ones) visit was most satisfactory and Zoryana (sp) is wonderful. The Davises consider you all as members of the family. When we speak of our experiences with friends they cannot believe there is a practice like yours. My best, Gordon
Having been a patient of Alex Knudsen for 32 years, I pretty much know what to expect when I come in for what now has become a checkup every three months, but was amazed to discover that my patient portal is now 79 pages long, although he was not surprised. And I also learned that my recommended intake of niacin was primarily for cholesterol rather than for high blood pressure as I had believed, so I have resumed it at a level of 200 mg daily. My intake of Losarton added by another doctor during last summer's visit to St. Joe's was not helping except to make me light headed and itchy, so I quit it. Even at 74 years of age, it seems I still can learn something new from you guys every time! Thanks.
My family and I feel so blessed to have crossed paths in life with Dr. Barry and his practice. Dr. Barry has proven to be one of the most kindhearted, attentive and knowledgeable family doctors we have ever had the pleasure of working with. It is evident in every visit that he, and his kind and diligent staff, have your best health interest in mind and truly care about you! Thank you Dr. Barry and the Preventive Medicine staff for being a great place to turn to for my families health needs!
Hi,JT I will gladly give you my review I have had no problem with any of the people yesterday. Judi is always nice and when she can we chit chat about when she was head nurse. The secretaries have always been nice and the girls you see when you are checking out getting your last minute appointments or information. Dr. Barry you've always have had a great team of girls working in the office and they don't seem to be bother with being in the position they are in always giggling and I know they love your "singing and happiness" you bring in there as well as the patient's do. My mother enjoys your joyfulness and my dad enjoys talking with you. A+A+A+A+A+A+A+ Have a great day both you and family. Judy
I’ve been with Dr. Barry for the better part of 25 years, since the good old days with the small office on Chappell Drive before he went “Big Time” with Preventive Medicine. Times have changed, but not him. He’s still very caring, with a great exam table manner and very quick wit - that’s the thing I think I like the most; he makes you feel like actually WANTING to go to the doctor. Through many visits over the years I know there were a few times he was having a rough and rushed day, but he never showed it to his patients. He kind of makes you feel like you’re the only one that matters when you’re there. I don’t care who you are, everyone wants to be made to feel that way. He’s even called me at home if he thinks it’s warranted. I mean, who DOES that today? His staff is exactly the same - they make you feel like you’re the only one that matters when you’re there and will do anything they can to help - even if they are typing with one hand, writing something with the other and holding the phone on their shoulder while making an appointment for you. I think I actually saw that once! That’s my two cents - (And Yes Doc, I’m still drinking my V-8 every morning and getting my “8 great vegetables and two full servings a day”. And, sorry for “only” the 4 stars - The only one that EVER got 5 was my wife. Thanks JT for being there when we need you - God Bless!
FOR the past 2 days I thought I was having a heartattack, so I called preventive medicine associates and Ms.Tina got me in at 3:30 with DR.HOPE . After CECILE got my weight,took my temp and blood pressure, she gave me a gown which I put on and before I knew it DR.HOPE was kindly knocking on the door and ready 2 see me.DR. HOPE came in asked me how I was DOING ,I SAID NOT GOOD and was probably overreacting but still wanted to get checked out ,2 make sure everything was fine. DR. Hope went through a very thurough checklist which I Answered yes and no 2 and even asked me again 2 make sure of my answers 2 his questions about my symptons. THEN Dr. hope listened 2 my lungs where he heard a lot of wheezing and then my heart which had a steady strong beat ; he gave me a script in hand which I preferred FOR my lungs and ordered a EKG 2 be done right there which I thought was GREAT!!! THE NURSE HEATHER came in and administered the EKG 2 me and covered me up ; I thought that was nice of her and modest ,When she was done with the test DR. HOPE reviewed it with me and sure enough everythings fine and dandy. DR. HOPE said I had a very strong heart and was going 2 be A-OKAY but if I got worse or wasn't feeling any better 2 please come back without any HESISTATIONS!!!!! I'm so GLADE I WAS SEEN at preventive medicine associates ,they saved me a trip 2 the hospital that wasn't needed when so much more can be done in the DOCTORS OFFICE NOWADAYS AND ESPECIALLY WITH NO WAITING IN THE WAITING ROOM. THANKYOU DOCTOR BARRY FOR YOUR VERY GREAT CARE WITH ALL THE WORKERS ,NURSES AND DOCTORS AND CLERICAL STAFF TOO THAT ALL JUST TOOK GREAT AND WONDERFUL CARE OF ME!!!! SINCERELY ANNEMARY MCINTYRE
I feel like I am more in control of my health because of my collaboration with Dr. Barry. We are engaged in a process that is moving forward at a steady pace. This is my life again.
The absolute best GP in the area. A common sense Dr who listens to his patients! All of his staff are top notch people, especially Zoryana.
Listens to you. Not the typical doctor.