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Internal Medicine
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Joseph T. Barry, MD

Joseph T. Barry, MD


Joseph T. Barry, MD attended West Genesee High School and graduated in 1976.He attended Cornell University and graduated in 1980.

Dr. Barry received his medical degree from the Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY.He completed his three year Internal Medicine Residency program in Boston at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in 1987.

Dr. Barry grew up in Camillus, NY, and after graduating from Medical School returned to join his father in private practice. Shortly thereafter Dr. Knudsen joined the practice and it continues to grow.

He is Board Certified in both Internal Medicine and Geriatrics. He has relationships with Community General Hospital and has worked at Van Duyn Home and Hospital since 1989. He also has a longstanding relationship with the Iroquois Nursing Home.

Dr. Barry believes you must treat the whole person and not just the presenting problem. He believes there is a real and important connection between your brain, your body and your spiritual self.

Dr. Barry lives in Lafayette with his wife Debbie and their two children Kyle and Shan- non. His interests include chess, reading, old movies, hiking as well as a longstanding interest in the marital arts. Dr. Barry writes a column for Table Hopping every month.

Dr. Barry is a proud member of the Lafayette Optimist Club.

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