Matthew A. Jacobson, Founder of Signature MD


Matthew Jacobson founded SignatureMD, Inc. in 2007. Prior to establishing SignatureMD, he spent fifteen years in operational management roles in public and private companies. Mr. Jacobson spent 2002-2006 at Zenith Insurance Company (NYSE: ZNT). As Senior Vice President of Medical Management at Zenith, he was responsible for turning around a $160M division with 200 employees, doing business in 40 jurisdictions.

Mr. Jacobson holds an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA and an AB from Cornell University.

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Michael Rhind, CFO of Signature MD



Michael Rhind joined SignatureMD in 2013 and is responsible for finance, accounting, and operations, including doctor conversions and member services. He has more than 25 years experience in finance and accounting, including more than 15 years as Vice President of Finance and Controller of Aptium Oncology, a Los Angeles based firm that managed and operated outpatient cancer centers. At Aptium he managed all accounting, forecasting, decision-support, and financial reporting functions, and created and maintained accounting policies and procedures. In addition, he served as Interim Executive Director of a 40,000-square foot comprehensive cancer center in Boca Raton, Fla., and Interim Financial Director of a cancer center in New York City. Before joining SignatureMD, Mr. Rhind briefly worked as Chief Financial Officer of Christals Acquisition, LLC, where he assisted a private equity group in acquiring and consolidating a women´s apparel retail chain store.

A certified public accountant, Mr. Rhind began his career at Price Waterhouse LLC, where he was a tax manager serving clients in the entertainment and healthcare industries. He earned his bachelor´s degree in economics and business from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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Payam Manavi, Chief Technologist of Signature MD



An experienced high-tech entrepreneur, Payam Manavi joined SignatureMD in 2011. He is responsible for the development of SignatureMD´s innovative custom applications for customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning.

He began his career as a Digital Design Hardware Engineer for QUALCOMM in San Diego, where he worked with technologies including CDMA cellular phones, fiber optic communication devices, and ATM/SONET computer network cards. Next he co-founded 1-Step Technologies, which specialized in push-button conversion technology. Later, as Master VAI Application Engineer at Sun Microsystems, he successfully managed more than half of Sun Microelectronics´ top eight accounts in the Americas.

In 2003, he founded Manavi Incorporated, which offered pay-for-use data center/game facilities and launched a subsidiary, THE OFFICE GAMES, in San Diego, California. The venture attracted more than 20 franchise/licensing candidates from around the world.

Mr. Manavi holds bachelor´s degrees in physics and electrical engineering and a master´s degree in business administration, all from the University of California, Irvine. He holds two patents in the field of traffic engineering and has several other computer network-related patents pending approval.

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