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We promise to put you first

After more than a decade of helping doctors and patients partner for better health, we’re able to deliver the broader resources of a large concierge medicine corporation, while continuing to provide the personalized services that got us where we are today. At present, more than 200 concierge physicians and thousands of concierge patients are living the SignatureMD promise.

Our story

Before founding SignatureMD in 2006, Matt Jacobson ran the medical division of a workers’ compensation insurance company. He noticed that patients who received proper care upfront—from well-qualified, respected physicians—tended to have more-favorable long-term outcomes.

Matt took this idea and adapted it to create SignatureMD, a concierge medical company that provides physicians with a more satisfying and rewarding way to practice medicine, while offering patients a higher level of service, with a focus on prevention. The result? Patients receive thoughtful care and exceptional service, and physicians are properly compensated for practicing medicine the way it’s supposed to be practiced.

Meet the team

  • More than 65% of concierge medicine doctors enjoy quality-of-life improvements.

  • More than 60% of concierge medicine patients feel that they receive greater quality of care.

  • More than 85% of members are likely to continue using concierge medicine.