What is concierge medicine?

Whether you’re a physician or a patient, concierge medicine takes healthcare to a new level.

Unlike traditional medicine where care for covered services is simply paid for as needed, concierge medicine is based on patients paying a membership fee for uncovered services and an enhanced relationship with a physician. This membership often comes with many added services and privileges—from wellness plans and more thorough physicals to same-day appointments, enhanced availability, and other exclusive programs. Here’s how it works.

A concierge membership fee for uncovered services

Concierge medicine has become far more attainable to patients than in the past. Concierge physicians offer their added services to patients for a fixed fee, which is usually paid monthly or quarterly. In exchange, the physician provides them with benefits such as priority scheduling, longer appointments, text and/or phone availability, wellness programs, and more.

While most concierge medicine practices share similarities, they vary widely in the level of service provided and the fee charged. Across the country, the cost of concierge medicine can vary and patients should consider everything a concierge membership covers while deciding if it fits their budget.

A personalized approach to care

Concierge medicine physicians can do everything that primary care physicians do, including physical exams, diagnostic screenings, lab tests, and more. Concierge physicians also go through the same education, training, and licensing to practice medicine. But concierge physicians have a valuable commodity that most primary care physicians don’t—more time.

Concierge physicians care for fewer patients than primary care physicians in a traditional practice, who typically see thousands of patients each year. By limiting the number of members, concierge physicians have more time to invest in their patients, get to know them on a personal level, and build better doctor-patient relationships. Concierge medicine is about quality over quantity.

SignatureMD vs. concierge medicine

SignatureMD-affiliated physicians may sometimes be compared to other concierge medicine practices, but our physicians go many steps further, with the goal of helping patients achieve their best health and live better longer. With SignatureMD, physicians remain independent and deliver thoughtful, personalized care while practicing medicine the way it was intended to be practiced.

A focus on wellness

We believe that an upfront investment in wellness can help patients live their best lives. SignatureMD concierge medicine physicians get to know each patient as a whole person, helping them prevent health issues instead of merely treating them.

Relationships based on
understanding and trust

By getting to know patients on a personal level, our physicians can encourage them to set achievable goals. SignatureMD members are able to reach their concierge physician by phone, text, or email anytime, day or night.

Longer, on-time appointments

When they need in-person care, SignatureMD members can get same- or next-day appointments, usually with wait times of five minutes or less. They also enjoy longer visits with their doctor—as long as 90 minutes or more for annual physicals.

Transitioning to SignatureMD

With over a decade of experience integrating concierge medicine into practices, SignatureMD has helped more than 200 physicians in 35 states make the successful transition to a higher level of care.

SignatureMD’s leading segmented model allows physicians to transition to concierge medicine without abandoning any patients, using a fully customized plan designed to meet the needs of their practice and their patients. With SignatureMD, physicians can offer concierge services to existing patients who upgrade and attract new concierge patients, while continuing to offer care through their practice to their remaining patients if they wish.

Smiling Doctor

Change is coming

The concierge medicine market is expected to reach $10 billion by 2028, as physician burnout, a shortage of primary care physicians, and the rising prevalence of chronic diseases continue to change the healthcare landscape. SignatureMD provides solutions to physicians and patients who want a better way.

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