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A concierge model designed for you

We understand that most doctors became doctors to help people. SignatureMD is the concierge medicine service partner that helps you spend quality time with fewer patients, while boosting your income.

Keep your practice and your patients

SignatureMD physician concierge services are customized to each affiliated concierge care physician. Many other concierge medicine companies follow a rigid full-conversion model, which requires the concierge care physicians to abandon all patients who choose not to convert. Our flexible and dynamic conversion model is designed to pose less risk to your practice and provide greater rewards for you.

The segmented conversion model enables physicians to maintain their entire patient panel while adding a new revenue stream from concierge members. Physicians can focus their time on the care of a few hundred program members, while overseeing a physician extender’s care of non-member patients, which typically reduces a physician’s workload by 25%. It’s this approach that enables concierge physicians to typically double or even triple their take-home earnings.

The benefits of SignatureMD

Greater financial security and independence

SignatureMD-affiliated concierge physicians typically realize income gains of up to $400,000 or more per year on average. This financial security ensures that your practice can remain independent.

Improved work-life balance

The SignatureMD model leaves not only more time for you to focus on patient care, but also additional time for family, hobbies, and personal interests.

Intellectual contentment

Achieve greater intellectual and professional satisfaction by investing your time and energy in patients who value both their health and their relationship with you.

Patient retention

Our concierge medical plan won’t require you to abandon patients. Instead, it provides options that best fit a patient’s health goals. Those who choose not to join the concierge program can remain in your practice under the care of a physician extender.


Because every physician and each practice is unique, SignatureMD creates personalized concierge care programs to fit the individual needs of physicians and their patients. We take the time to listen to your objectives and then tailor a program specifically designed to work for you.

We take care of the details

During the conversion process, our team will remain on site with you for up to 12 weeks, educating your patients and training your staff. Once your program is fully implemented, we’ll handle membership billing, marketing, and regulatory support, so you can focus on your members and remain independent, profitable, and happy.

Reduced risk

Patients who decide not to join the concierge program are managed by an associate physician or physician extender under your supervision. This eliminates the loss of patients and the income they provide. Our segmented model has similar conversion yields to other all-or-nothing models, but without requiring you to take unnecessary financial or ethical risks.

Fair and equitable terms

Likewise, our contract terms come with very little risk to you. We structure our plans to ensure that we succeed by helping you succeed. In fact, SignatureMD shoulders all of the economic risk by making a six-figure investment in each practice we convert. This means that our interests are totally aligned with yours. In addition, we allow you to retain the majority of your concierge membership fees. What’s more, we don’t have post-term non-competes should you decide to leave our network.

An established company

SignatureMD has more than a decade of successful conversion expertise. That said, we’re not so big that you’ll feel like just another number. We won’t convert you and desert you. We take a vested interest in your long-term success, focusing on practice growth and providing expert regulatory support, while you retain total control over your practice and the care of your patients.

Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.

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