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Testimonials from SignatureMD Members.


“Since joining SignatureMD I have had a fair share of medical issues. This last month has been especially trying with a major surgery. I think things are on the mend and, even though Dr. Saltman was not my surgeon, his monitoring of my condition and his participation in my non-surgical care has been most valuable. He has been in direct personal contact with me and has also been in contact with my surgeon to ensure that the surgeon had the necessary information concerning a complication that had developed. Dr. Saltman is my primary doctor and for that I am eternally grateful. All the promises of extraordinary service from Dr. Saltman have been met and he has my thanks.”

Ron | Dr. Robert Saltman

“Since my husband and I have signed up for SignatureMD, we are very happy with the experience. Dr. Stein is available night and day, 24/7. Our appointments are on time and our phone calls are answered within five minutes.

When we are in his office for our appointments, Dr. Stein will spend two hours, if necessary, examining us and all our ailments. His suggestions are very helpful and we are never rushed. I needed a doctor for severe spinal lumbar stenosis and he called a doctor and we had an appointment that day. Every doctor he has recommended for us, we are very pleased with and are still seeing.

Dr. Stein’s office staff is excellent. If you need a script refilled they will call your pharmacist immediately. They listen to you. They are like family.

My husband and I did the right thing by joining SignatureMD.”

Charles & Joan | Dr. Brian Stein

“I can confirm the advantage of being a member of SignatureMD. My extremely capable Doctor of Internal Medicine, Darcy Hansen, was out of the office one day (no doubt contributing to her profession by volunteering or teaching on that day). Unfortunately, I had an emergency that required an MRI that very afternoon.

Dr. Hansen’s office gave me her cell phone number, since I am a member of SignatureMD. Dr. Hansen accepted my call, took all insurance information, called my insurance carrier to get the necessary pre-approval, confirmed the necessary codes, then called the imaging firm that was performing the MRI and gave the approval information. I was so impressed that she took the time to get everything in order for me.

This is medical treatment at its best.”

Fada | Dr. Darcy Hansen

“My experience with Dr. Hansen under the SignatureMD program can only be described as positive and rewarding. As a pre-diabetic patient, Dr. Hansen has provided me additional support that helps me manage a program of exercise, diet, and medication to control my need. She is willing to work with my healthcare provider, Blue Cross/Blue Shield FEP to keep me in optimum health. I am a retired senior and want to continue being in the best health possible.

When I signed up for the SignatureMD program, I was only basically aware of concierge services. I have had positive experiences with Dr. Hansen under the program and plan to continue as long as I can afford to do so.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide my personal testimonial regarding SignatureMD.”

Beverly | Dr. Darcy Hansen

“My SignatureMD physician is Clifford Fetters, M.D., of Carmel, Indiana, and I am happy that he is my physician!

I am appreciative for the opportunity to express my gratitude to Dr. Fetters and his staff, as well as to explain my gratitude.

I consider Dr. Fetters my partner in my health and well-being, and he has proven to be an excellent “health partner”. He takes the time to explain the simplest detail to the most difficult scientific theory. He takes the time to research my particular health issues/difficulties for the latest/newest remedies and/or procedures. He is always reading and conferring and researching. He seems to be tireless in that regard. Whenever I mention a book or white paper by a particular physician or scientist, he is either already aware of it or has read the work! I know he genuinely cares about my health, and the health of ALL of his patients. I believe this comes from his character: he has a gift for healing; and truly cares about others.

Dr. Fetters is a rare physician, indeed. He has the patience of Job, himself. He is willing to seriously listen to my concerns and/or my suggestions. He does not mind that I come to my appointments with an agenda or list of issues I wish to discuss with him. In fact, he helps me with it! The ONLY physician I have ever known to do so! His nurse, Jasmine, whom is equally as kind, compassionate, and patient, helps me by writing down the main points, decisions and actions taken away from my appointment and photocopies it for me for every appointment! That way, I don’t lose or forget anything from my appointment with Dr. Fetters. How wonderful is that? I can tell you that it is miraculous and SO helpful, since I am always alone during my office visits.

Dr. Fetters looks at my whole being – considers everything; every function of my physiology, as well as stress factors, my history, family history, emotions and outward appearance, expressions, and energy level. He does not miss anything. Believe me. Dr. Fetters looks at me in the eyes and converses with me while he is quietly observing and assessing. He listens to what I say, and takes it seriously. He does not laugh at me, or say: “it’s in my head…”. He is kind and compassionate. Thank God, Dr. Fetters has not given up on me, like so many before. Dr. Fetters is helping me find my way back to health. I believe only God and myself can truly make me whole, or healthy, and Dr. Fetters is supporting me in this journey, and doing everything possible to help me heal myself.

I am so grateful to have found him (and his staff). He is a physician of exquisite qualities. Just saying, “Thank you”, does not feel adequate.”

Robin | Dr. Clifford Fetters

“I would recommend the SignatureMD service to anyone. I have utilized the service a number of times and my personal physician, Dr. Robert Blakeburn has responded in less than 5 minutes each and every time. I am 58 years old and have never experienced this type of rapid response from any other physician or even an emergency room.

Everyone who has the opportunity to enroll in this service should do so.”

Kathy | Dr. Robert Blakeburn

“Personalized attention, readily available appointment times, consistent follow-up, discounted supplements, professional and courteous services name just a few of the added benefits I have experienced with my SignatureMD physician’s office of Dr. Ronald Santasiero. No hassles, no frustrations, and the ability to speak to my physician personally when needed additionally highlight my customer satisfaction. I would highly recommend SignatureMD to anyone looking for exceptional quality medical care.”

Debra | Dr. Ronald Santasiero

“I rarely go to my doctor, but when I have a question or need something it is great to call him and get to speak to him right away.”

William | Dr. Daniel Gaitan

“Since I have been with SignatureMD I am as happy as a lark with the service I am receiving!!!”

John | Dr. Ronald Santasiero

“I like that my doctor has more time to spend with me. My doctor is very caring and understanding of my health concerns. He reviews my health conditions regularly for optimum care.”

Nancy | Dr. Daniel Gaitan

“Life and being healthy is our most precious asset. If you are going to do something, why not do it right. We benefit from exercise, eat right so when it comes to your doctor, why would you short-change yourself by settling for less than 100% personal attention? When you care about your health and personal well being, why not choose a SignatureMD physician that cares about you. We may not all be blessed with good health, but a caring physician can keep us on the right track for better health, allowing us to be productive in our lives and enjoying the fruits of our labor.”

Jim | Dr. Daniel Gaitan

“My husband and I have been with Dr. Daniel Gaitan for about 10 years. We love him! We are happy to have more time with him to plan our healthcare and also for him to have more of a family life. It’s important to us for him to be happy and more focused. My husband has been through some challenging health issues over the years and had three surgeries just last year! Dr. Gaitan was there to guide us, provide great care, and to help us with the other doctors and hospital staff. Wouldn’t want to be without him!”

Kelley | Dr. Daniel Gaitan

“My SignatureMD doctor is Dr. Robert Blakeburn of Clinton, OK. When he announced that he would begin this program I knew that I would sign up for it because he is the best doctor that I have ever been to. He listens to everything that you say to him or what you ask him. He is very caring about all your needs and health issues. I know that I can make an appointment with him and there will be time for everything that I need to discuss and for anything that comes up while we are discussing what I originally went in for. His staff is very caring and helpful, everyone on the Blakeburn team makes you feel like you are not just a number but you are a person who’s medical needs will be met.

I am grateful for SignatureMD and Dr. Blakeburn. Thank you.”

Darla | Dr. Robert Blakeburn

“I have been a patient of Dr. Saltman’s for a while now. I have been a diabetes sufferer for many years and after having Lymphoma I saw my blood sugar level go out of control. I was on two types of insulin among other problems. The care and concern and personalized treatment by SignatureMD and Dr. Saltman has me convinced that this is the absolute best way to go. I have told others about the personalized care and I am sure they do not currently have that kind of relationship or experience that I have.”

Michael | Dr. Robert Saltman

“My relationship with my physician has been enhanced as well as greatly benefited from SignatureMD. He now has the time to do research and go to conferences to learn more about the conditions that effect me directly. I have a complicated medical history and he is able to spend more time with me during office visits. As well, the best feature of SignatureMD is that I have access to my physician at anytime, outside of working hours, if it is necessary. Overall, more research, more time, and more access – equals better care!”

Amanda | Dr. Clifford Fetters

“Our family absolutely loves Dr. Saltman! He has been an amazing physician for years and now with the new SignatureMD program, we feel even more connected and taken care of. Thank you.”

Suzanne | Dr. Robert Saltman

“I visited Dr. Saltman May 26, 2011 for a six-month checkup. Dr. Saltman has been my internist for many years and has always been very attentive and supportive of any and all issues. He deserves my highest praise. The scheduling and various routine office issues such as scheduling, blood draw etc. were handled smoothly and very professional. A+ for the whole experience.”

Alan | Dr. Robert Saltman

“I wanted you to know how happy I am with the service of my doctor, Doug Pitman, M.D. He is always there and very reliable. More folks should take advantage of the wonderful service of concierge medicine.”

Ben | Dr. Doug Pitman

“When deciding to join SignatureMD with Dr. Robert Blakeburn as my physician, I was undecided because of the cost. I have been enrolled almost eight months now and I have been quite satisfied. I can make an appointment, go in, and know that I will not be greeted with a room full of sick patients. My husband did not join, which was his decision. When we both had to go to the doctor, on the same day at the same time, his wait was much longer than mine. So, I felt that I had chosen the right thing to do. Thanks.”

Joyce | Dr. Robert Blakeburn

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