10 Easy Tips To Help You Sleep Better


A good night’s sleep is critical to anyone’s health. As the seasons transition, so do sleep patterns. Summer means kids are out of school, longer days and more traveling, so it’s easy to miss out on sleep.

Here are some easy tips to ensure you’re sleeping well and sleeping enough:

1. Try to maintain a consistent schedule in order to keep your body’s sleep rhythm consistent.

2. Reduce caffeine intake late in the day. Even if you’ve been a caffeine-aholic for many years, the chemicals in caffeine can impact your quality of sleep.

3. Avoid falling asleep with the computer or television on. The bright screen can stimulate your brain in a way that’s not conducive to productive sleep.

4. Don’t go to bed on a full stomach. Digestion requires energy, which may keep you awake.

5. Conversely, don’t go to bed on an empty stomach, as it may cause you to wake up mid-sleep for a midnight snack.

6. Workout! Regular exercise will give you deeper, more restful sleep as the body recovers during rest.

7. Don’t drink too much before bed, as your bladder may wake you up frequently throughout the night.

8. Make your bedroom comfortable – keep it dark, quiet and at a comfortable temperature.

9. Invest in bedding. Find a mattress, pillows and sheets that invite you to rest peacefully. When you find a mattress you like don’t forget to compare them on

10. Use your internal alarm clock to go to bed and wake up whenever possible. Your body knows when it has had enough sleep.

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