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Fa La La La La! New Study Says Singing Benefits Early Dementia

Listening to endless loops of Christmas carols while shopping this time of year in department stores is enormously irritating (at least for some of us). But according to a new study, belting out a few holiday favorites this time of year can be therapeutic – and especially for those suffering from early dementia, including Alzheimer’s….Read More >>


In the fight against one of America’s most pernicious health problems, battles have been won. But according to new findings from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the war against obesity is ongoing despite years of sustained efforts and billions of dollars spent. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, which is released…Read More >>

Accidental Discovery Leads To Possible Cure For Anemia

Recently in this column, we covered the health topic of sepsis – a serious infectious disease of the blood that is responsible for up to one million deaths in the U.S. – and the new research that has led to identifying a gene that could lead to its treatment. Patients who suffer from amenia may…Read More >>

Why Do We Forget?

In 1985, the British pop-rock band Simple Minds zoomed to the top of charts with their, ahem, unforgettable song “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” that opened and closed the iconic teen flick of the era, “The Breakfast Club” by director John Hughes. The song included these lyrics: Will you recognize me? Call my name or…Read More >>

“Blood Poisoning” – New Research Sheds Light On Ancient Disease

Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician and father of Western medicine, knew and wrote about the disease that he called “blood poisoning.” Today, we call it sepsis (from the Greek term for “to rot”), and the disease causes one million deaths in U.S. each year and probably tens of millions worldwide. Because blood is pervasive in…Read More >>

Technology Shines New Light On Alzheimer Causes and Treatment

Alzheimer’s disease remains one of the scourges of modern-day medical science. Since it was identified as a brain disease by German doctor Alois Alzheimer in 1901, the best and brightest minds in health research have been unable to find any effective treatment to stop, reverse or prevent the disease, which is the sixth leading cause…Read More >>

What You Need To Know About This Year’s Flu Season

Despite the un-seasonally warm weather gripping much of the U.S. in the first few weeks of autumn, cold weather is around the corner, which signals the beginning of the flu season. This infectious disease, technically called influenza, is often thought by many to be a cold on steroids. In fact, the flu killed more than…Read More >>

Detail of a digital blood pressure and heart rate monitor with arm band. Blue-tinted monochrome image

Benefits of Low Blood Pressure

New Study Suggests Shift In Thinking About How Low Blood Pressure Should Go? For decades healthcare providers had a carved-in-stone formula for what constituted normal blood pressure for people over 60: 140 or even 150 over 80. However, a comprehensive new study released by the federal government suggests that going much lower – 120 and below…Read More >>

young woman surrounded my many cakes and fruits not sure what to eat

Food May Be Addictive, New Study Says

For years now the idea that food can be addictive in the same way as alcohol or drugs has been dismissed by the medical community. There was very little evidence to reach such a conclusion, and the complexity of eating disorders that are accompanied by multiple environmental factors also made scientists skeptical. After all, who…Read More >>

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