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Affiliating with SignatureMD

SignatureMD creates a tailored plan to suit your individual practice, allowing you to:

  • Improve Service to Patients
  • Boost Your Income
  • Increase Intellectual Satisfaction

Primary Care the Way You Imagined

The traditional primary care model is clearly broken. Concierge medicine (AKA personalized medicine or boutique medicine) frees you to practice medicine the way it was meant to be practiced. The SignatureMD approach improves service to patients, boosts your income, preserves your independence, increases your intellectual satisfaction, and restores your work-life balance.

SignatureMD-affiliated physicians focus their attention on 200-600 members who pay an annual fee, giving them personalized, unhurried service, same-day or next-business-day appointments that start on time, 24/7 availability, and other amenities. The typical office visit is 30 minutes long.

Signature MD-affiliated physicians say that they have the time to get to know their members and give complex issues the time they deserve. Patient satisfaction soars.

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  • Benefits of SignatureMD

    Customized Solutions

    We tailor our service to your individual practice. No two doctors are alike; no two practices operate the same way. No cookie-cutter approaches here.

  • Benefits of SignatureMD

    No Need to “Terminate” Patients

    SignatureMD affiliates typically hire another doctor or a physician extender to serve non-member patients. Ready to learn more? We value your time. Receive a $100 gift card for participating in the 20-minute webinar.

  • Benefits of SignatureMD

    SignatureMD-Affiliated Practices Grow Over Time

    SignatureMD-affiliated practices grow at an average rate of 3% annually, while non-SMD affiliated practices typically shrink in size or remain static.

  • Benefits of SignatureMD

    Boost Your Income

    After conversion, SignatureMD-affiliated physicians typically gain $250,000 in annual revenue. Ready to Learn More? We value your time. Receive a $100 gift card for participating in the 20-minute webinar.

  • Benefits of SignatureMD

    You Maintain Independence

    We respect our affiliated physicians and do not dictate how they deliver care.

  • Benefits of SignatureMD

    We Deliver Customized Solutions

    SignatureMD conversion specialists spend up to 14 weeks in your office to guide patients and staff through the transition to concierge practice.

  • Benefits of SignatureMD

    We Help You Strengthen Patient Relationships

    The SignatureMD team members acts as ambassadors and advocates for your brand. We provide integrated marketing and communication support to solidify relationships with current patients and new members for the life of your SignatureMD affiliation. Ready to learn more? We value your time. Receive a $100 gift card for participating in the 20-minute webinar.

  • Benefits of SignatureMD

    You Benefit from Our Expertise and Technology

    We offer unmatched business resources: an in-depth practice analysis, membership billing and collections, integrated marketing, public relations, and regulatory monitoring.

  • Benefits of SignatureMD

    We Provide Regulatory Support

    We monitor developments with the Affordable Care Act and other regulatory changes so you can focus on patient care. Ready to learn more? We value your time. Receive a $100 gift card for participating in the 20-minute webinar.

The SignatureMD Suite of Services

We provide a one-stop solution for physicians seeking to convert to concierge medicine. We manage the conversion and long-term business matters such as member billing, patient communications, marketing, and public relations. This frees you to focus on what you do best: practicing medicine.

Practice Suitability Analysis

We use a sophisticated proprietary model to analyze your practice and determine if it’s a good fit for concierge medicine. If your practice qualifies, we conduct an in-depth patient-satisfaction survey and incorporate our findings into an executive summary illustrating the financial and personal gains you could achieve by working with the SignatureMD team.

Qualified practices engage in a 7- to 14-week conversion process:

Conversion Preparation

We develop a conversion plan, including staff training, prospective member education, and an integrated marketing and PR communications campaign to announce the news to your patient community.

On-site Management

A SignatureMD Patient Advocate is stationed at your office for 7–14 weeks to meet one-on-one with your patients, educating them about the value of the concierge medicine program.

Presentations for Potential Patients

We fund and host multiple large-scale events to reach people interested in the concierge medicine program. We also host smaller presentations in your office.

Public Relations

Our public relations team works to get local and national press coverage of newsworthy events at affiliated practices.


We provide marketing communications services for the life of your SignatureMD affiliation. Each practice receives an integrated marketing communications plan, including a customized practice website, web-based advertising campaign, and search engine optimization program.


After the conversion process, we consult with you and your staff to optimize practice operations. This may include guidance on outsourcing HR functions, integrating technology, or modifying staffing.

Regulatory Support

With the help of top experts in the field, we keep you informed of important developments in concierge medicine.

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  • My patients say, “If I had known it would be this good, I would have helped you set up this practice years ago!”
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    SignatureMD Physician | Dr. Jim Williams, MD
  • I’m finishing my fourth year with SignatureMD. Everybody’s happy. My staff is happy. All of my patients are happy. I’m happy.
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    SignatureMD Physician | Dr. Cathy Grellet, MD
  • With concierge medicine, you get to practice medicine the way it was meant to be practiced.
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    SignatureMD Physician | Dr. Bob Saltman, MD
  • Everything that’s frustrating about traditonal medicine ceases to exist.
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    SignatureMD Physician | Dr. Christina Skale, MD
  • This is the way medicine should be practiced. It’s a better lifestyle day-to-day.
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    SignatureMD Physician | Dr. Bill Benedict, MD
  • I did not enter concierge medicine for the money. I did it to save my soul as a physician. I wanted to bring back some joy in my practice. That is exactly what SignatureMD has given me.
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    SignatureMD Physician | Dr. John Verheul, MD

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