The VA Launches New Campaign Targeting Health Care

Concierge Medicine For Military Vets Our veterans deserve the best that we can give them, especially when it comes to their health and well being. Concierge medicine knows this, which is why many concierge doctors pay special attention to a returning vets mental state along with their physical health. Coming home is one thing, but…Read More >>

McDonald’s Inadequate Health Care Coverage

“Obamacare To Blame?” McDonald’s has been making waves in the health care industry lately, and not for good reasons. When the press got a hold of story leaked about how McDonald’s will probably be dropping 30,000 workers from health insurance coverage, they tweaked the story so much so that it wasn’t about McDonald’s anymore but…Read More >>

Concierge Medicine – an Alternative to Standard Health Care

Concierge Medicine Is Not What It Used To Be…It’s Better There’s been a lot of talk about concierge medicine lately. With the health care overhaul beginning to take effect, many are wondering if concierge medicine is the answer to this mess we’ve gotten ourselves into. While premiums are rising and millions of uninsured patients are…Read More >>

Health Care Reform – Opportunity or Detriment for Physicians?

Health Care Reform Opportunities I came across an interesting article today regarding the business opportunities that health care reform is opening up for physicians, particularly in the field of concierge medicine. It all has to do with that individual mandate and what patients are willing to spend. We start off with a comparison of how…Read More >>

Medical Apps for Concierge Physicians – RIM Playbook

New Playbook Has Concierge Physicians Excited Concierge medicine is always one step ahead of the game in terms of preventative medicine, treatment options, and technology, so it’s no wonder concierge doctors have taken to the iPad like a moth to the flame. With all of the health and medical apps on the iPad, concierge doctors…Read More >>

Obamacare, Stepping on our Individual Liberties?

Built Upon Individual Liberties… America was built on some key ideas; mainly individual liberties, individual religious freedoms, and the right to pursue individual happiness. While we know that nothing is simple, nor black and white, these few basic principles were the foundation for our country. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men…Read More >>

Blue Cross Hit With $156 Million in Regulations

Blue Cross To Pay Out Millions In most cases, patients love to see this kind of thing. Whether you’re the patient of a concierge physician or not, every American has had a rough experience with big insurance companies and has lost money. It’s inevitable that if you have insurance to cover medical costs, you will…Read More >>

Health Care Reform Faces Judgement

Health Care Reform Lawsuits Twenty states have brought legal arguments against the federal government and health care reform, and those arguments are about to make their way to trial. On Tuesday the 20 states will face a federal judge and plead their case, hoping to get the health care bill overturned. Family physicians, concierge doctors,…Read More >>

A New Look At Wasteful Spending And Health Care

Medical Spending Out Of Control In the world of concierge medicine, there isn’t a lot of room for wasteful spending. In order to offer the best possible health care, 24-7 services, and top-of-the-game technology, there rarely is a penny lost. And when you factor in the statistics that show the patients of concierge doctors are…Read More >>

A Concierge Doctor’s Ethics

Personal Ethics Of Concierge Medicine Concierge medicine and concierge doctors used to be a rare breed. Back in the 90’s when concierge medicine began in Seattle, it was looked upon as a way for the rich to get the VIP treatment. No one considered the concierge doctor’s perspectives or feelings about their own health and…Read More >>

  • My patients say, “If I had known it would be this good, I would have helped you set up this practice years ago!”
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    SignatureMD Physician | Dr. Jim Williams, MD
  • I’m finishing my fourth year with SignatureMD. Everybody’s happy. My staff is happy. All of my patients are happy. I’m happy.
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    SignatureMD Physician | Dr. Cathy Grellet, MD
  • With concierge medicine, you get to practice medicine the way it was meant to be practiced.
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    SignatureMD Physician | Dr. Bob Saltman, MD
  • Everything that’s frustrating about traditonal medicine ceases to exist.
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    SignatureMD Physician | Dr. Christina Skale, MD
  • This is the way medicine should be practiced. It’s a better lifestyle day-to-day.
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    SignatureMD Physician | Dr. Bill Benedict, MD
  • I did not enter concierge medicine for the money. I did it to save my soul as a physician. I wanted to bring back some joy in my practice. That is exactly what SignatureMD has given me.
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    SignatureMD Physician | Dr. John Verheul, MD

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