How Long Does It Take to Convert to a Concierge Medicine Practice?

If you’re thinking about converting your traditional practice to a concierge medicine practice, you may be wondering just how long this process will take. The truth is, there is no exact one-size-fits-all conversion timeline. Fortunately, you can continue running your practice during this transition period.

As an example, take a look at what SignatureMD affiliated physician Dr. Joel Meshulam had to say about his transition to convert a medical practice:

As Joel described, his conversion process took about three months and felt unintrusive:

That was actually interesting. The conversion process itself started around September 2013 and continued through the end of December.

During those three months, Signature MD had an agent, a liaison in the office, who was there to meet with patients and give them information.

I would see a patient, I would tell them about what I was doing, and then I would introduce them to Maureen, who had her own area in the office where she would sit down with a patient and explain to them how the program worked, the costs and so forth. Having her in place was really essential and great. It took the load off of my staff. I didn’t really want them to be the ones having the conversation with the patients. I wanted to be the one to have those conversations, but seeing patients very quickly, you have to carve out that time to explain it, so having Maureen there was very useful.

After that three-month process, there was an event that we held at a hotel nearby where I gave a talk about the reasons that I was doing what I was doing and what I viewed to be the benefits of concierge care. Whoever wanted to come could come. Maureen and Signature MD were essential and pivotal in getting the invitations out and doing the follow ups with patients in terms of who was coming, who wasn’t coming, and so forth. The total time of that conversion was about three months, and that gave me a sense of who was in and who wasn’t.

It wasn’t a long process and it wasn’t really intrusive. I thought it went really well.

If you’re considering a conversion, we encourage you to contact us and we will be happy to discuss what the timeline might look like for your practice.

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