Do Patients Like Concierge Medicine?

When undergoing a conversion from a traditional model to a concierge model, it can be a big change for a physician and, also, for their patients. But once they have experienced it, do patients like concierge medicine?

SignatureMD affiliated physician Dr. Joel Meshulam shared with us some of the comments from his patients, after his conversion:

As Joel described, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. His patients appreciated the additional attention they received and even commented on his improved temperament.

I’ve heard different things from my patients since I’ve done this conversion. They have all been positive. Patients were in favor of me doing what was right for me and supportive of what I did. The patients that matriculated into my concierge practice have repeatedly said:

“Thank you. We really appreciate what you’re doing. It’s so nice to have somebody helping us with this, seeing this doctor, getting into this hospital, getting these forms completed.”

Because I have the time to do that now when before it was a huge stress to do it.

From my patients who have not matriculated into the practice, the things that I hear are, “You seem calmer. It’s so nice to see you. Oh, I get the pleasure of seeing you today? Where’s Cameron [my nurse practitioner]?” They also say, “He’s so nice. He’s just like you. We really like him. Thank you for hiring him.” It’s been positive. I haven’t really gotten any comments or criticisms from my patients since going into this model of care.

There are numerous reasons for this great feedback, one of which is increased doctor availability. To learn more about this, we encourage you to learn more about how concierge medicine availability affects patients.

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