Reasons to Reconsider Practicing Medicine Traditionally

Physicians often ask us why they should consider making the transition to a concierge medical practice. While each doctor has their own reason, we asked SignatureMD physician Dr. Joel Meshulam to share what frustrated him most about practicing medicine traditionally.

While Joel is only one physician, his experience is, unfortunately, not a unique one. The majority of the physicians we speak with share a similar sentiment. As Dr. Meshulam shared:

The most obvious one was the whole hamster-wheel concept—the idea that, in order to keep pace with increasing costs of supplies, staff, and overhead, I had to keep seeing more and more patients per unit of time.

Insurance carriers are not terribly forthcoming with rate increases, so if the money we get paid stays the same, and we want to keep making a living, then we either have to cut costs or increase production, and it’s hard to cut costs in an office setting. You have to pay rent, you have to pay for staff, and there’s only so much you can squeeze.

Practicing high output medicine is something I, out of necessity, became very good at, but didn’t particularly enjoy.

We were fortunate to help Dr. Meshulam escape the “hamster wheel” of practicing medicine traditionally by converting to concierge medicine practice. This transformation enabled him to work with patients who, in his own words:

…placed a premium on the importance of being healthy, being available to them, and using me in a meaningful way to help them become healthy. Those were my two big reasons for moving forward with this conversion.

It really wasn’t about making more money for me. It was about more professional satisfaction and being able to practice the kind of medicine that I wanted to practice: working with patients who appreciated what I was doing.

If you’d like to learn how you can escape the “hamster wheel” of a traditional medical practice while remaining independent, increasing revenue, and most importantly, enjoy practicing medicine again, please contact us. We’re happy to answer your questions and see if personalized medicine is an option for you.

Or, if you’re wondering how much it costs to converting to concierge medicine practice, look no further.

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