Tips For Physicians Converting to Concierge Medicine

For a physician, making the transition from a traditional practice to a concierge practice can be a little daunting. In cases such as these, it can be very helpful to hear from someone who has been in your shoes before. We spoke to SignatureMD affiliated physician, Dr. Joel Meshulam who shared his tips for physicians converting to concierge medicine. Here’s what he had to say:

As Joel explained, some of your concerns may be valid about considering concierge medicine but that doesn’t mean there aren’t solutions:

If you’re thinking about converting and you want some quick tips, the first thing I would say is don’t start talking until you know you’re going to do it, and make sure you have a clear message.

Be comfortable with the fact that you have skills and you know what you’re doing, and you’re a good physician. That’s why you’re doing this.

Make sure you’re clear in your communication. Tell them that they’re still welcome to stay in the practice.

Be clear, have a clear message that you’re giving to your patients.

If you’re considering concierge medicine conversion, it’s imperative to do your due diligence and make sure that it’s the right thing for you, your patients and your practice.

If you found Joel’s tips helpful and would like to learn more about his transition of considering concierge medicine, you’re in luck. We spoke to him on a number of other topics, such as:

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