Mental Health: Last Year 2.2 million Americans Made Plans to Kill Themselves

The news that 40% of Europeans and 50% of Americans are battling mental illness is a wake-up call for families to be vigilant and not ignore signs of depression or anxiety in children or elder parents.

The stigma of mental illness is a vestige of a time past, as concierge medical care takes the whole body approach to wellness which includes mental health inquiries and management of prescribed medicines.

Nearly half of all Americans experience mental illness at time point in life.

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about half of all Americans will experience some form of mental health problems during their lifespan.

The ailments include ADHD, body dysmorphia, eating disorders, anxiety disorder, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder to extreme cases of depression that lead to suicide attempts.

A well trained SignatureMD physician can work with the entire family as a team leader to monitor and manage any issues that present, coordinating with specialists and keeping lines of communication open for the whole family to discuss concerns and ask for guidance.

The new CDC report, “Mental Illness Surveillance Among Adults in the United States,” describes the extent of mental illness among U.S. adults and recommends increased efforts to monitor mental illness and anxiety disorders. Concierge medicine and SignatureMD practices are equipped to handle complex problems that occur within families, and help their patients to resolution.

There are “unacceptably high levels of mental illness in the United States,” said Ileana Arias, principal deputy director of the CDC. “Essentially, about 25 percent of adult Americans reported having a mental illness in the previous year. In addition to the high level, we were surprised by the cost associated with that — we estimated about $300 billion in 2002.”

Concierge physicians know that mental disorders are linked to chronic illnesses often times, including cancer and heart disease.

The CDC report revealed that 84 million Americans reported having suicidal thoughts and 2.2 million Americans made plans to kill themselves, over the past year. Unfortunately, about one million American attempted suicide last year, according to the report.

These numbers may seem alarming, but more importantly, it brings attention to an overlooked issue. Mental health illnesses are increasing in the U.S. and obtaining thorough personalized medical care is the best medicine to help people deal with these important issues. SignatureMD doctors are aware of this mental health crisis and are available to help people and their families.




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