Concierge Medicine – Not Just For The Rich

Personalized Care For Everyone

We kind of sound like a broken record each time that we say this, but concierge medicine isn’t just for the rich and famous anymore. Times have changed, and with the new focus on health and medicine due to health care reform, all Americans are taking a different look at their physicians.

We came across an interesting blog this morning on this exact subject; money and concierge medicine. It’s not a new topic, it’s not even a topic that offers new information, but it continues to come up due to our broken health care system, our overcrowded doctor’s offices, and the onset of the health care overhaul.

In the blog below, the author eludes to the fact that his wife had to wait 6 months for an appointment with her OB when the town’s concierge doctor offers that service as part of the deal, and the wait time is literally nonexistent.

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