Concierge Medicine Shaping Healthcare in a Positive Way

Concierge Medicine Shaping Healthcare in a Positive Way

Why should a doctor consider concierge medicine?

Doctors have many options when it comes to decisions in managing and growing a practice; from merging with other doctors, to adding new services to increase revenue, or selling the business and just retiring.

Most if not all physicians today are aware of concierge care, and even newer hybrids that have filled the landscape, like SignatureMD. New options allow doctors to retain the patients who do not wish to subscribe to concierge care, while integrating tiered care to manage patient loads. So many doctors have not thought through all their options due to misinformation or the very human instinct: Fear of change.

SignatureMD believes all physicians owe it to themselves to understand all practice models; to consider how and if they’d work for their patients.

First step, remove the baggage from the term “concierge medicine” which was once solely for the rich.

Concierge medicine today is a membership approach where patients pay an annual fee for participation. The fees average less than what one would pay for cable TV or a daily Starbucks coffee. The provider – usually a primary care physician or specialist – may be a full concierge or hybrid concierge doctor based on preferences. In most cases the interpersonal time between the physician and the patient is greatly improved, as the ability to see the doctor becomes easier and the emphasis on preventive care ensures a win-win for both parties. The direct revenue for the physician is also increased.

The election of a concierge medicine company like SignatureMD guarantees that physicians and patients get more quality face-time, and more time to discuss, prevention, wellness and other health concerns during visits.

Our concierge program is built around the comprehensive yearly physical, an expanded in-depth physical examination and expanded availability for care. This includes direct access via phone or email. It also means fewer patients than in a standard practice and fewer patients per hour.

Concierge patients receive more direct contact with their physician, as well as an opportunity to go over the entire picture of their health care needs, including emotional and family components. The process is one that is more engaged and compassionate, with more time for information exchange between the doctor and patient. SignatureMD patients expect a high level of service that includes minimal waiting time and same day or next day appointments.

Physicians who believe in primary care, want to build strong relationships with their patients, and would rather focus on prevention and wellness rather than treating their patients after the onset of illness owe it to themselves to consider concierge medicine.

About SignatureMD

SignatureMD is one of the nation’s largest firms providing initial conversion and ongoing support services to concierge medicine physicians. SignatureMD currently partners with over 200 affiliated primary care physicians and specialists across 35 states, and its network is rapidly expanding.