Do Women Have a New Death Sentence?

Do Women Have a New Death Sentence?

This week we touched on National Men’s Health Awareness Month, but in a study out yesterday, it was determined that the life expectancy of

women is slipping in parts of the country. According to a LA Times article, “Women in large swaths of the U.S. are dying younger than they were a generation ago, reversing nearly a century of progress in public health and underscoring the rising toll of smoking and record obesity.”

It is evident that despite hefty healthcare costs, the U.S. is trailing other industrialized countries, with obesity as a leading cause. The article points out that, “The number of Americans who are classified as obese hit 34% in 2010, more than double the rate in 1980.”

With obesity and smoking sited as primary factors in the decline of women’s life expectancy, it is important to remember how much control individuals have over their health. Quitting smoking and losing weight are both challenging tasks, but with physician support, they can be much easier. This is why SignatureMD’s concierge physicians are there every step of the way as patients make drastic, life-changing and positive modifications to their health.

You see, concierge medicine allows for doctors to monitor, track and advocate for their patients. With an achievable wellness plan in place, patients are able to get healthy, stay healthy and ultimately live longer.

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