How to Prevent Plastic Surgery from Turning into a Disaster

How to Prevent Plastic Surgery from Turning into a Disaster

Plastic surgery can be both boon and bane for the recipient. People often undergo plastic surgery when seeking things like a tighter stomach or a smoother complexion. When procedures are done well they can elevate the spirit, enhance a job hunt or even give confidence to find a partner.

But all too often, the competitive injectable market has opened up a slew of non board-certified practitioners wielding syringes filled with everything from watered-down Botox to industrial grade silicone. The news has been filled with these horror stories.

Concierge care, also known as personalized care, extends beyond a normal visit. Your SignatureMD doctors are connected to the best specialists in every medical field, and can help you find the right plastic surgeon for the job. Your eyes should not be touched by a doctor known for his body work, and vice versa.

Another consideration before scheduling elective surgery is to make sure your complimentary executive exam is completed annually by your concierge doctor, so that any unforeseen complications are avoided. This is especially important if your cosmetic procedure will involve general anesthesia.

The recent French breast implant scandal also reveals that even if the doctor is qualified, the manufacturer of the device needs research too. This is why it is important to go to the right breast augmentation practitioner to ensure you are getting the correct treatment by the right people.

France company PIP’s rupturing implants have put a spotlight on faulty implants.

PIP even rebranded their defective implants as Rofil-M and sold them in Eastern Europe; and, according to a Paris newspaper, sold to men requesting buttock and chest implants.

Your doctor can help you wade through glossy brochures and plastic surgery marketing “speak” to decipher what the operation expectations and bottom line will be for you as a patient.

Your physician can help you understand preoperatively what you can do to minimize the chances of complications from surgery.

There are things that you can do to minimize complications and to speed up the recovery process.

If you are a smoker, every SignatureMD doctor will make sure to insist you quit using tobacco. Repeated clinical studies prove tobacco usage significantly impairs wound healing and can lead to healing complications. Stopping all tobacco use at least 4-6 weeks before surgery will lessen the chances of wound healing complications and infection. Although quitting tobacco is not easy, it is incredibly import to optimize the safety of surgery.

Your diet will be examined too, as a protein-rich diet improves the ability of the body to heal large surgical incisions. Also, supplementing with a multivitamin can assist healing.

Your SignatureMD doctor will make sure you are in a good overall state of health. Diabetics have to make sure their blood sugar is controlled. Those with heart disease must have blood pressure and cholesterol levels optimized preoperatively.

Having a major medical complication after elective surgery can not only be harmful to your health, but it could also lead to significant complications with healing after surgery.

Your doctor can help you organize a support structure that allows you to recover after surgery.

Many patients overdo it after surgery. Straining and excessive movement creates swelling and that leads to complications. Your primary care physician can help you coordinate a team to care for you and check in with you as you recover. I heard from a friend that Luxurgery has brilliant post-surgery support.

Another aspect of seeking counseling before any elective plastic surgeries is to let your physician really ascertain if the expectations you may have exceed what is physically possible by scalpel or syringe.

With matters of plastic surgery, a professional and qualified sounding board is just what the doctor ordered.


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