How Trust Plays a Part in Healthcare

How Trust Plays a Part in Healthcare

There’s a fascinating post on The Healthcare Blog called, “Does My Doctor Trust Me(and Does It Matter)?” by Jessie Gruman. The article highlights the importance of patients trusting their physicians as much as their physicians trusting them. The problem with our current system for general medicine is that it doesn’t harness mutual trust. Appointments are infrequent and rushed. Physicians rely heavily on charts to recall a patient’s history. Patients often feel as though they’re talking to a stranger about personal issues, which may mean they aren’t as honest and candid as they could be. Ultimately, the lack of personal relationship, time and attention creates distrust.

So, as healthcare professionals how can we change that dynamic? We bring back the relationship component between the clinician and his/her patient through personalized medicine. If a patient trusts his/her doctor, he/she will be more forthcoming with information which can prove vital in a diagnosis or treatment by the clinician. If a physician trusts his/her patient, he/she will be a better provider.

A doctor needs to believe you take your health seriously.  According to Gruman, there is “evidence that many people are deeply ambivalent about being active and engaged in their care, and many of us lack the skills, knowledge, resources and confidence to become so.”

Trust is such an integral part of knowing someone, particularly in a relationship that can mean life or death.  SignatureMD is striving to develop patient/doctor relationships, so trust is never a question.

So, do you trust your physician or your patients?

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