Concierge Medicine – Encouraging Men to Visit their Doctor

Men often don’t pursue health issues at a stage when they are preventable,” said Gary Rogg, MD, an internist at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City in a recent MSNBC/Prevention story. It’s true that women tend to take the lead in family healthcare, spending more time on the Internet and making those important calls to the doctor about routine wellness and prevention or more urgent concerns.

As a physician, you probably won’t argue with the findings of an American Academy of Family Physicians’ survey that showed 78 percent of men listen to their spouse or significant other when she recommends them to “call the doctor.”

Practicing in a concierge medicine model like SignatureMD’s affords physicians real time to connect with all patients. Additionally, many patients whose doctor works in personalized medicine enjoy the “luxury” of a phone call to their doctor that will be returned in a timely manner by the doctor.

The value of an appointment, without waiting weeks or even months, can’t be underestimated either. It’s not surprising to learn that often the husband is accompanied to the appointment by the wife or partner, ideal for ensuring that suggestions are followed in the quest for better health. In concierge medicine, the unhurried team approach works wonders.


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