On-site Health Clinics: Putting Wellness to Work at Work

For some of those who “gave at the office,” the office is now giving back in an effort to keep employees healthy and productive, reduce absenteeism and outside costs for physicians and emergency room visits.

American Express, Qualcomm Inc. and Walt Disney Co. have all instituted their own health centers, according to the Los Angeles Times. Nationally, the article said, 15% of companies with 500 or more employees had health centers last year, up from 11% the year before, according to an employer survey by benefits consulting firm Mercer. Companies with 20,000 or more employees were even more likely to have clinics.

Health-centric Medicine

Caveats: Could employees divulge too much personal information while using the system down the hall? And do on-site clinics really save money? It’s too early in this game to tell, but the turbulent waters of healthcare have evidently ebbed towards the shores of corporate America, which also seeks solutions to this confounding problem.

A patient engaged in a partnership with his or her concierge medicine physician, maintains a level of confidence not experienced by other patients—whether they see their “regular” doctor or their corporate health service. Personalized medicine, like that proactively provided by America’s leading concierge healthcare service company, SignatureMD, delivers a level of caring and attention to both prevention and wellness that simply isn’t available in most other healthcare scenarios.

About SignatureMD

SignatureMD is one of the nation’s largest firms providing initial conversion and ongoing support services to concierge medicine physicians. SignatureMD currently partners with over 200 affiliated primary care physicians and specialists across 35 states, and its network is rapidly expanding.