Read Labels to Drop Dangerous Pounds

It’s time for Sam’s annual physical. Sam won’t just trudge in and nod his head “uh-huh” when his concierge physician encourages him to lose more weight. Sam’s already on board, for his weight loss is a visible work in progress.

Sam and his doctor work as a team. They communicate regularly about the dangers of extra pounds—not just obesity, but diabetes, high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular issues.

According to a story in Kaiser Health News, March 23 could be a big day for Sam and others who eat away from home, when the Food and Drug Administration must propose new labeling regulations. A new federal health law requires that restaurant chains and vending machines post calorie information on menus, menu boards and machines. Expect final regulations by late 2011 and nutrition information in place by mid-2012.

Question is, just because Sam and others have it, will they use it? In 2009, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) rated overall self-reported obesity prevalence in the United States at 26.7%, calling it “a national health threat.”

Because Sam’s relationship with his doctor is heavily focused on wellness, prevention and communication, he can incorporate the menu information as one more valuable tool in his weight loss arsenal. What Sam does know can help him—eat smarter.

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