The Medicare Crisis. How Health Care Reform Affects Doctors & Patients. (Video)

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Somewhere between the years 2015 and 2020, Medicare will become bankrupt.

In 2030, 76 million Americans are expected on Medicare. The entitlement programs of Medicare and Medicaid account for 23% of all government spending.

Conversely, the amount of qualified doctors is shrinking. There appears to be an increasing number of job positions for doctors, although we may reach a point where there aren’t enough doctors to fill all the roles.

The resultant cuts to Medicare trickle down and affect the entire healthcare system. The solutions are grim:

  1. Raise taxes for all Americans
  2. Increase out of pocket costs in Medicare.
  3. Reduce physician reimbursement

On January 1, 2012, the cuts begin. A 21% (29.5 by some estimates) Medicare cut will decimate doctor’s earnings, regardless of a physician’s office overhead.

Medicare doctors, after all the expense of student loans and years spent in residency, are forced to become a patient mill to break even in their practice.

The incentive to study medicine and take up hefty student loans, and establish a general practice after years of schooling is further eroded, as a mechanic, real estate agent or plumber will earn a substantially higher income than an average doctor.

Everyone suffers, especially if doctors continue to leave Medicare. Seniors lose access to their doctors, and families lose access to a physician they have come to trust.

The date looms: January 1st, the new 2012 Medicare reimbursements which will decimate the earnings of physicians and create huge problems for patients.

Doctors can expect a reduction of 50% or higher in their income, and patients can expect to lose their physicians who scrap their participation in Medicare.

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