Ways to Beat that Winter Weather Together!

Ways to Beat that Winter Weather Together!

Sniffling, sneezing, aching… Winter shows up at the same time every year, but most of us are still not prepared when it finally rears its windy, snowy, chilly head. During this time of year, many of us hole up indoors because we just don’t want to bear the winter weather, but staying inside does not necessarily mean you’re going to avoid the health ailments that come with winter. Wintery conditions go beyond weather—they also mean changes in your typical, everyday routines like exercise and diet. The best thing you can do for the winter is prepare yourself and your family.

Winter Weather Got You Down?

Keep in mind, whether you are staying indoors or taking the holiday family fun outside for activities like sledding, skiing, snowball fights, snowman building, going for a walk—or even walking the dog—you should remember some important tips that are key to staying healthy during the colder, wintery weather!

  • Wash your hands often. Those sniffles and sneezes we catch with our hands can spread to those around us if we don’t wash our hands regularly. Plus we could just as easily pick up germs from everyone else who isn’t washing their hands!
  • Stay warm and dry. Cold temperatures affect infants and older adults more easily, but anyone is vulnerable in cold climates. The cold, damp weather can get to you if you don’t dry off and warm up quickly after coming inside. It is important to stay warm and comfortable in your own home, otherwise you might as well be out in the cold! The winter weather can be quite harsh, so looking forward to coming home to a nice heated house is understandable. If your heater is playing up or doesn’t seem to be providing enough heat throughout the house, you may want to look into a site like https://allenkelly.com/residential-service-and-repair/ to help find a solution. No one should have to live in a cold house at all, especially not during the winter. When preparing for the outside winter weather, dress warmly in multiple loose-fitting layers. If you are working or spending your time in a vehicle, you want to follow these rules so you don’t develop a cold or the clue. Don’t forget to drive safely on the roads. As bad weather can make the roads unpredictable you might also want to check out van insurance, as they can help you if you are ever in an accident due to bad weather.
  • Visit the doctor. During the winter season, vaccinations are especially important in helping prevent diseases that come along with the cold, such as the flu. Exams and screenings also can help find potential problems earlier, meaning you can treat them sooner.
  • Handle and prepare food safely. Preparing holiday meals often translates to a lot of different ingredients on the counter and in the fridge. Prevent food-related illnesses by washing hands and surfaces often, not cross-contaminating raw foods like meat, poultry and seafood, and thoroughly cook foods to their suggested temperatures. Avoid food going bad by not leaving perishable foods out in the open for too long.
  • Eat healthy and be active. Get outside! Go for a walk, play in the snow with the kids, go sledding with a friend, staying active during the cold months keeps your body’s momentum going. You and your family can even dance while decorating to your favorite holiday tunes. As far as your diet goes, as usual try to choose fruits over candies, go for smaller portions, and try to drink water between alcoholic beverages if you are going to indulge.

Finally, don’t forget to stay hydrated! Just because there is snow and you aren’t sweating as much doesn’t mean you should consume less water and other smart drink choices. Have drinks on hand that are high in Vitamin C and antioxidants to keep you and your family going all winter long. It is an often overlooked tip that can make a big difference.

In case you have a difficult time remembering, the CDC even has a little song you can sing with the kids to remember how to stay healthy and safe during the winter holidays!

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