Your Voice Counts: Don’t be Anonymous

Your Voice Counts: Don’t be Anonymous

“Dr. Anonymous” is no more. Anonymous, that is. He’s come out of Internet hiding to announce that he’s really Mike Sevilla, a family practice physician in Salem, Ohio, whose blog attracted 400,000 guests in five years. He took off his online mask in mid-March because, he told MedCityNews, “he decided that anonymity was limiting the perceived credibility of his words and opinions.” Sevilla’s on a mission as a campaigner for primary care. His new website is Family Medicine Rocks.

Like many of his colleagues, he’s come to the realization that being quiet and hanging around to see what will happen next doesn’t cut it in healthcare now.

“If physicians really want our voices to be heard by patients and legislators, we should identify ourselves as ourselves and not hide behind anonymous tags,” he told the publication.

It’s time for you to identify yourself as the accomplished professional that you are. If you’re feeling lost in the healthcare shuffle, consider that a switch to concierge medicine with SignatureMD can help you find yourself again. As a leader in personalized medicine, SignatureMD empowers physicians like you to approach the conversion of your practice without having to assume substantial and unnecessary business risk. Like Sevilla, you may be ready to shed your veil of anonymity, one you acquired by default when healthcare got out of control.

You deserve a new level of recognition and you can have it with SignatureMD.

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