William F. Skinner, MD

Internal Medicine

Learn what concierge patient care is all about from those who’ve experienced it firsthand. Dr. Skinner’s patients explain, in their own words, what it’s like to have a doctor who’s always there for them. You’ll see how Dr. Skinner goes above and beyond to make a significant difference in the lives of the patients he treats.

Doctor Skinner listens carefully, takes time with me as a patient and, when necessary has consistently referred me to top quality specialists and remained involved in whatever treatment resulted from those referrals. He has a remarkably open and flexible mind as to possible treatment options.
Over nearly two decades, Dr. Skinner continues to be the best doctor we have ever had!
Dr. William skinner is one of the best doctor in santa monica.
I have known Doctor Skinner since 1990 when my late husband became his patient. He had a severe heart problem. And the only doctor he really trusted was Dr. Skinner. His conversations with Dr Skinner made him accept the severity of his medical condition and he became more relaxed and acceptable of his condition. He was as good for the family as he was his patient. If I never said it before “Thank you Dr. Skinner for all of your caring and help with my husband and our family”
Dr. Skinner has been my primary doctor since 1984. I wouldn't even dream of going to another doctor. He is simply the best!
I've known Dr. Skinner since 2005 he is the best Dr. In California. In short I do not trust any other Dr. Like I trust him.
A world class physician and a great bedside teacher of physicians as well.