American College of Physicians – Patient Education Center

The American College of Physicians (ACP) is a diverse community of internal medicine specialists and subspecialists united by a commitment to excellence. Internists apply scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of adults across the spectrum from health to complex illness. With 159,000 members in countries across the globe, ACP is the largest medical-specialty society in the world. ACP and its physician members lead the profession in education, standard-setting, and the sharing of knowledge to advance the science and practice of internal medicine.


To enhance the quality and effectiveness of health care by fostering excellence and professionalism in the practice of medicine.


To be recognized globally as the leader in promoting quality patient care, advocacy, education and career fulfillment in internal medicine and its subspecialties.


  • To establish and promote the highest clinical standards and ethical ideals;
  • To promote and respect diversity, inclusion, and equity in all aspects of the profession;
  • To welcome, consider and respect the many diverse voices of internal medicine and its subspecialties and work together for the benefit of the public, patients, our members, and our profession;
  • To serve the professional needs of the membership, support healthy lives for physicians, enhance career satisfaction and advance internal medicine as a career;
  • To advocate responsible positions on individual health and on public policy related to health care for the benefit of the public, patients, the medical profession, and our members;
  • To be the foremost comprehensive education and information resource for all internists;
  • To recognize excellence and distinguished contributions across internal medicine; and
  • To promote and conduct research to enhance the quality of practice, the education and continuing education of internists, and the significance of internal medicine to physicians and the public.

Core Values

Core values answer the question: “How do we want to act as we move toward achieving our vision?” Core values are consistent with the mission of the College and help people make daily decisions about how to act.

We strive for excellence and maintain the highest ethical and professional standards.

We work with expertise, commitment, integrity, and humility.

We recognize and inspire leadership that upholds the highest standards of patient care, professionalism, education, policy development, and advocacy.

We respect the dignity of others and are sensitive and empathic to their needs.

We embrace diversity and inclusion to foster engagement, belonging, and respect in all that we do.

Equity and Justice
We create a just and equitable culture without barriers or limits to our members, patients, and the profession.

We cultivate a culture of caring for and about each other, and we advocate for and create systems changes that promote personal and professional fulfillment.