John W. Verheul, MD

Internal Medicine

Learn what concierge patient care is all about from those who’ve experienced it firsthand. Dr. Verheul’s patients explain, in their own words, what it’s like to have a doctor who’s always there for them. You’ll see how Dr. Verheul goes above and beyond to make a significant difference in the lives of the patients he treats.

In the years that Dr. Verheul has been my primary care physician, he has always shown compassion and great concern for my well being both physically and psychologically. He listens to my concerns, never makes me feel rushed, and takes time to explain and answer all my questions. He communicates and coordinates with my specialists and makes sure that I understand all procedures and diagnosis. With multiple medical issues, it has been reassuring to have him oversee my total healthcare.
I have been a patient of Dr. Verheul for many years. He far exceeds the norm for patient care. He has compassion and a wealth of knowledge that is astounding sometimes. His concierge approach to medicine is, without a doubt, the best standard of care available. He does not push medication unnecessarily and he is interested in the total health of his patients, body and mind. He struck out on his own in order to provide the best possible care to his patients and in this day and age, you just don't find many doctors like him. In fact, he is one of a kind in my book. If you have medical issues that need ongoing care the cost of the concierge program is well worth the investment.
Dr. Verheul, literally, saved the life of myself and my mother. I can no longer see him due to insurance changes, however every time I see my Family Practice Doctor I wish I was seeing Dr. Verheul... Any time I see any doctor in any speciality I compare the experience to the times I was treated by Dr. Verheul & he has quite literally set the bar by which I judge the quality of care I receive and the manner in which I am treated. You are unlikely to find a doctor more caring or devoted than he is.
This Dr. is absolutely the best you will ever find. He is brilliant, caring, talented, witty and an all around fantastic person. I usually feel better just from seeing him. Can't say enough good.